The term bio therapeutic drainage has become very popular in the past few decades. Yet not many of us know what it exactly means or how it benefits our body. The dictionary states that “bio” refers to a relationship with life while “therapeutic” refers to results that are obtained from some form of treatment.

Meaning of bio therapeutic drainage

Taking the dictionary meanings into account, it is not difficult to understand what this term refers to. Hence bio therapeutic drainage refers to the drainage or elimination of harmful toxins using a combination of measures in an individual or person. This type of drainage is generally performed with the help of homeopathic remedies referred to as compounds with UNDA numbers.

Generally speaking this drainage is done with the intent of:

  • Encouraging the body towards homeostasis or bringing about an equilibrium in the internal conditions of our body,
  • Addressing the root cause of diseases and not performing symptomatic treatment,
  • Encouraging the regulation of the self and bringing about a psychological balance,
  • Facilitating a powerful healing with a gentle touch,
  • Returning the patients to their natural state of vigour and vitality,
  • Restoring the health of the body so that the healing is effective, efficient and long-lasting.

Modern applications of bio therapeutic drainage

Today many people undergo bio therapeutic drainage with the help of homeopathic compounds having specific UNDA numbers because

  • It addresses those health problems which result from the inability of our body to deal with
    • Poor or insufficient nutrition of the body,
    • Overload of stress both at home and work and
    • Toxins released in the environment resulting in diseases.
  • Pronounced aggravation of the symptoms exhibited by the body in case of illness and disease is avoided.
  • It is safe to use on people of all age groups including infants and children, young as well as elderly people. In fact it is also extremely beneficial for people taking different types of prescribed medications.
  • It can also be used along with any other type of treatment which a person is currently undergoing.

This type of treatment can only be performed on individuals since symptoms vary from person to person. This treatment also does not follow any specific protocol. It generally begins with the medical health practitioner educating his patients on

  • The benefits of healing from deep within the body and
  • A brief glimpse of what the journey will be like for a person undergoing bio therapeutic drainage.

It is one of the best treatments available today for treating problems affecting people due to the lifestyles that they lead and is definitely worth a try.