Winstrol was manufactured by Winthrop Laboratories in 1962 and was referred to as Winni. The steroid was approved by the Food and Drug Association for human consumption. It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is used for cutting. It is used to enhance muscle mass in a lean bodied individual. Scientifically known as Stanozolol, the steroid cures anaemia by increasing and maintaining the adequate level of red blood cells in our body. It producea red blood cells which increases iron and hemoglobin in our body.

Stacking with testosterone

Winstrol-V enhances the performance and strength of an athlete or body builder. It is used for bulking as well as cutting cycles. One can stack Winstrol, commonly known as Winidrol along with Anavar, testosterone, trenbolone etc. for bulking and along with Deca Durabolin, Androil, Clenbuterol etc. for cutting. Winstrol like any other DHT is a non- progestenic, that is, it does not aromatize to estrogen. It is available in oral as well as injective doses but taking it orally is preferable as it avoids contamination through syringes. The steroid has two chief side effects both of which are related to ones sexuality, viz. testosterone suppression and testicular atrophy. Testosterone suppression refers to non- formation of testosterone whereas testicular atrophy refers loss of testicles and non- formation of sperm. If taken along with testosterone, it curbs these problems by reducing the rate of affect-ability.

Winstrol dosage

It is a powerful anabolic which is more a cutting agent than a bulking one. A Winstrol cycle should last for an average of 6 weeks with a margin of 2 weeks, known as the buffer period. Reducing or increasing the dose cycle by more than 2 weeks will either make it ineffective or our body prone to excessive side effects. The dosage of Winstrol tablets should be between 35- 75 mg a day whereas the depot, that is, injectable Winstrol, should be administered, only 25- 50 mg a day. The injectable Winstrol is taken in a lesser quantity than the oral one because the whole quantity directly dissolves in the blood whereas the oral dose first goes to the digestive system and only after 20-25 minutes, becomes part of the blood. This not only leaves some amount behind but also slows the effect.

Side effects

Mostly every steroid affects an individual’s sexuality and hormonal balance. When taken rogue or in excessive quantities for quick results, Winstrol shows drastic and irreversible side effects. Winstrol directly affects liver and intoxicates it. It also results in acne, abdominal pain, fatigue and hair loss. Some of its lesser known side effects are vomiting, yellowing of eye, nausea, light colored stool and dark colored urination.

Any steroid including Winstrol-V is safe until it is taken in greed of fast results. Bulking is good but depending particularly on steroid for results is a blatant mistake. Take it or any other steroid foolishly, you won’t even remain a man. Intake it wisely for positive results not uncontrollably, for a disastrous ones.