The wilderness drug treatment programs for adults are also called adventure therapy or nature therapy and have been continuously growing as a natural alternative to the clinical nature of the traditional drug rehabilitation programs. The wilderness approach emphasizes on being outside and gaining the trust of yourself, your family, your friends, and others and help with learning how to have a meaningful life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

It is promoted as an option for adults and their families who are suffering from the use of these hazardous substances. Several wilderness programs are available for those who are thirty years old and older.

Any time an addict or alcoholic can remove their self from a bad situation that will encourage their addiction then that is an amazingly good thing, but in adventure therapy, it will take that idea another step further. When you are out in nature then it will be ex, especially on your habit, and extremely hard to concentrate on anything else besides nature.

The goal of wilderness treatment for adults is to help guide the patient towards being self-reliant, having a higher level of self-esteem, and self-respect. With these wilderness treatment programs, the addict will learn these things through working hard by setting up a camp and finding or preparing their own food, or other important self-survival based activities.

Many adult wilderness treatment programs offer activities like swimming, hiking, biking, camping, mountain climbing, boating, fishing, and whitewater rafting and other water sports. Other exciting activities are included in the martial arts, writing, and painting or art therapy. Some of these programs even offer animal therapy as it can be very helpful learning to care for animals when it will help the addict to learn to care for themselves better. Many outdoor activities are the main goal in learning to have fun without drugs or alcohol dependency.

Adventure therapy or nature therapy is not only just about having fun outdoors. It is because this type of wilderness treatment program can help to utilize, socializing, individual counseling, group therapy, and other group activities as a way of helping your addiction. Main group discussions will evolve around a new life without the use of drugs or alcohol and some of the treatment facilities will help the addicted to focus on the older traditional 12-step goal method.

Most wilderness drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs also place a very strong emphasis on the simple and healthy meals, vitamin and mineral supplement therapy, as to help your body naturally heal from the damage that has already been done to it from the very harsh substance abuse.