There are many challenges in life and man has conquered over many of them by adapting the best supports and gets you ready for the long run of life. There is no challenge that can stop you, even if that is the disability of walking at any age. Wheelchairs are especially designed in such a way to be able to move self even if one is unable to move. The basic model consisted of a wooden wheelchair with 4 wheels and a seat with footrests. This provided a bit of comfort for all the people who cannot move their limbs to move easily from one place to another. Along with good quality wheels, protection systems, back cushions and the seating base, you must also adjust the height of the wheelchairs to make your patient sit in a relaxed manner.

Essentially Today, Wheelchairs Comprise The Following Things:

  • Wheels: It consists of 4 wheels of which two large wheels are at the back and connected to the back handle part of the chair along with the rims and is usually very strong to carry any kind of weight. 2 other wheels are small wheels, connected to the front end and are attached to the handrims which are the best supporters in the movement of the chair.
  • Comfortable seat: Unlike the older wooden version of the wheelchair, these days, the seat is made of cushions and cloths that are very soft and provides the highest possible suspension. These gives the best comfort to the seated and also helps in better movement within the chair without any possibility for skidding and falling down, and the patient also does not suffer from any lumbar or shoulder related problems, if they have the proper back support.
  • Leg support: In many cases, people can happily place their feet down the foot board and relax in the best seating position, but even in rare cases, where most portion of the leg is cut, these footrests still help in providing an inclined position and the best support to get down.
  • Handrims: These are highly essential while getting in, while seated, and also while getting down from the chair as it is difficult for the person who is seated to suddenly get into the chair even with support of someone to be placed perfectly in the seat without the help of the handrims. These handrims also provide the best support to move self when seated by taking its support and moving the large wheels self that is placed just underneath these handrims.

What are the features of Electronic Wheelchairs?

For a complete self dependant person, to be able to move without the support of anyone else, these electronic wheelchairs have helped the best. These are run either with battery or through electrical charging and move self with a button push. These can be also turned with ease in any direction for which the buttons are available in the chair which can be used.

There are many extra supports placed in these chairs for carrying the required accessories like medicines and newspaper, and also these wheelchairs have helped the many disabled people to live on self without having to depend on anyone else.

These chairs are also foldable and can be folded and placed in one corner of the house or office when not in use and can be easily expanded with one stretch and used when required. There is no hazard and the entire process is completely hassling free. It helps and supports the person to the maximum extent in all movements and all of them can be self operated without any kind of mess. These are covered, framed and well fixed and give the most comfortable posture for the seated.

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