There has been much chat in the cannabis industry recently regarding recent research that suggests that it is possible to lose weight by regularly smoking cannabis. We thought we’d take a look at these claims to see if it really is possible to lose weight with cannabis.

Cannabis has been traditionally known to increase appetite with the infamous “munchies”, but a newly published study suggests that not only can cannabis reduce your body mass index, it can also help reduce obesity. With the recent relaxation in cannabis laws across the USA, many of the states who have legalized cannabis for medicinal use have found that obesity rates have fallen between 2 and 6%. So why has this happened?

Cannabis is able to do this in a number of ways. Certain strains of cannabis contain certain special components such as terpenes and cannabinoids that are proven to substantially reduce appetite. An example of one of these components is THCV. Strains which are therefore high in THCV have excellent weight loss benefits. Another terpene to look out for is Humulene which also has an appetite reducing affect. For THCV cannabis, I would recommend checking out sativa dominant strains which tend to have a high concentration of THCV. Examples of such products include Doug’s Varin and Pineapple Purps. These strains have been developed with weight loss in mind as they contain high levels of THCV. Many researchers have also asked the question of “can cannabis help treat eating disorders?” aswell as helping with weight loss.

It is important to consider the levels of THC in your cannabis strain. The examples outlined above do tend to have high levels of this psychoactive substance. There is a commonly held belief that you should avoid cannabis strains high in THC since some studies suggest that THC induces appetite leading to weight gain. But a recent study on animals suggests that THC can reduce weight when the subject consumed a high fat diet. This is certainly very interesting research. The study identified that overweight mice when exposed to cannabis and a high fat diet, had found to reduce weight compared to those mice who were exposed to a high fat diet without cannabis high in THC.

The study also identified that taking marijuana by mouth rather than smoking seemed to increase the weight loss properties of the psychoactive substance. It found that THC changed the microbiota of the mice’s gut by converting the gut microbiota to a status that resembled healthy mice. This was certainly a very interesting finding. All in all, this research has been positive for advancing the study of cannabis in relation to weight loss. Whether you will experience similar weight loss effects through cannabis usage remains to be seen.