Since your face is something not only you but everyone else has to look at, it helps to always put your best face forward. Not only will looking your best give you more confidence, but your flawless face may win you a great job or the man of your dreams.

There are a few ways you can get a flawless face. This article is going to share with you three ways to get your face looking flawless, from the super cheap to the not so cheap.

Watch What You Put In Your Body and On Your Skin

As far as what you put in your body, the foods you choose to eat can either help or harm your skin. If you spend a lot of time snacking on greasy chips and sugary treats, your face is going to show it with grease patches, pimples, redness and more.

Instead, eat healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables. Certain foods can help with inflammation, so less redness and blotching, and some help remove toxins, so less pimples.

As well, look at the ingredients of your cleansers and moisturizers. Just like your food ingredients, the ingredients of your facial cleaning products can get absorbed into your skin. Look for things with natural ingredients. Also, vitamin E is a great ingredient for your skin. It can help renew elasticity and even fight wrinkles.

Pick The Right Makeup

Again, look at the ingredients. Find foundations that contain things like vitamin C, that can help your skin stay fresh and healthy. Find makeup that is made to help your skin stay young. Anti-aging makeup is very popular right now.

You can also look towards mineral makeup, but remember that less is more with this type of makeup. You may need to take a lesson on how to apply it since it’s a bit different than what you might be used to.

Find a Great Plastic Surgeon

If you are having trouble finding perfection in your face with just eating right and the over the counter makeup choices, maybe it’s time to consider plastic surgery. Simple things like botox injections can make a huge difference in your look.

According to Sunset Cosmetic Surgery, if you are in search of the perfect pout, you may want to look into lip enhancement. This isn’t the only fairly simple cosmetic solution to a beautiful face. You can also get eyelid work done if they’re getting a little droopy. Take time to find a top notch plastic surgeon before making any decisions.

A flawless face could be just days away, you just need to work for it. Make sure you drink plenty of water, to keep your skin hydrate, and always wash your face morning and night!