When you were growing up and your mom constantly told you to eat your veggies, she knew what she was talking about. While you can get great benefits and nutrients from all of the food groups, your vegetables and fruit are the riches when it comes to vitamins and minerals that can do great things for you.

No matter how good they are for you though, some people find it difficult to get the right amount in their diet, which starts at seven cups, and the recommendation goes up to 13 cups of fruits and vegetables a day. In fact, the more you eat, the better.

Have Some For Breakfast

Add fruit to your breakfast every day to get more of it in your diet. Don’t just have a glass of orange juice though. Some store bought juices can have too many additives, and even added sugar, in them, so it’s always better to make your own homemade juice.

Add fruit to your cereal, top your pancakes or waffles with fresh fruit, and even simply have a plate of fruit. There are tons of great ways to get fruit in your daily diet.

Make Lunch About Vegetables

Make your lunch revolve around vegetables. Don’t eat a sandwich unless you’ve included avocado, lettuce, tomato or some other vegetables to it. The same goes for a wrap.

Have a salad, which can also have fruit and nuts or seeds added to it for a great protein boost. Salads are a great way to get more veggies, and you can add a salad to nearly any meal of the day.

Create Wise Snack Choices

When you are ready to eat a snack skip the carbs and junk food and opt for fruits and vegetables for your snack time. This will not only catch you up on your fruit and veggie intake, but you’ll also get healthier quicker!

Sure, there are some non-fruit or vegetable snacks that are good for you, but start with those. If you want crunchy have some carrots or cucumbers. If you want something sweet, have some berries.

Fill One-Third Of Your Dinner Plate With Veggies

Finally, when you eat dinner your dinner plate should be mostly filled with vegetables. You have space for your meat, starches, bread, whatever. Then one-third of your plate should be vegetables.

Make it colorful and creative. You don’t have to just have corn. You can mix peas and carrots, beans and corn, or whatever you like!

If you suffer from any kind of illness that puts you on a special diet, such as diabetes, make sure you are following your doctor’s recommended servings. While it’s great to fill up on your veggies, you still want to adhere to a diet plan if you need to watch calories, sugars, or any other ingredients.