Learn to wash his beard with specific products for it. The main step to get into the care of the beard should be to learn how to wash your beard.

Normally, throughout the day, usually mess our beard, either leftovers (especially in the area of ​​the mustache and goatee), snuff smoke (those who smoke or frequenting places with smoke) or anything that can be trapped between the hairs.

It is also normal, in cold weather or extreme weather conditions, our skin under the chin suffer and scaly or off.

Our beard hair is not like our head. It is a thicker, curly hair and also skin underneath is not like the scalp, so we need different care.

It is for this reason that we better not use normal shampoo and head should opt for shampoos and soaps to wash specific beard, these being less aggressive, less harsh and more natural, as usually formulated with organic compounds.

Once we become one of these products to wash the beard, of which I will discuss later, it is important to establish a frequency of washing.

Why is it important to the frequency in which you have to wash your beard?

It is one of the most important things to consider, as we can hinder the optimal development of our beard. This has natural oils that are involved in growth, strength and shine, so a too high frequency of washing can eliminate these natural oils and play against us.

We must also ensure that the products we use, respect oils, because even being products beard, there are some who respect better than others.

Personally I think the correct washing frequency is three times a week, using soaps or shampoos, and other times, simply wash with water only. Thus, spacing and washed every other day, we got respect the oil and let it regenerate and act on our skin and hair.

This does not mean that everyone should be the frequency of three times a week; for every beard is different and unique and you yourselves will realize the frequency that I better go, though not recommend spending this amount of time.

We have our frequently wash (do not despair as you find the most suitable to you. Remember that let grow a beard is a marathon, not a race) and now have to learn the best way to wash.

Method for washing the beard

We apply our product and handed out generously throughout the beard, digging his fingertips and letting reach our skin. This is important because the skin underneath must be clean and moisturized.

We apply from roots to ends and in all possible directions. People with new whiskers can rub with a little more emphasis, as recent beards usually exfoliate the skin more and also to better stimulate the follicles, achieving better development and growth.

As you can see, it’s nothing you not imaginaries in advance, but the important part is to clarify the beard.

We should clarify the beard with water in several directions and complete to avoid any residues or residues that may provoke itching or flaking beard once dry.

Another thing to consider is the temperature of water used for both washing and for rinsing.

Use very hot water can dry our skin too, which would play against us for the proper development of the beard.

We will use warm water to soak and wash the beard. The warm water will not be disagreeable first time is better than cold for washing. Furthermore, we also open pores as the hot water without an aggressive consequences.

For rinsing, we will also use warm water, but once we remove all shampoo or soap, we can move to a cooler water to go slowly closing the pores and also add shine.

Drying Beard

After washing the beard properly, we have to dry to avoid water that remains between the hairs can irritate the skin.

The best way is to pass a clean towel, gently throughout the area. Important that this be done gently, because when the hair is wet it is more delicate.

Personally, I recommend following the towel, give a little drier, medium temperature, to finish drying everything and also stretch a little hair, having a brush while giving with hot air.

What oil beards use?

You can find in online store for great beard oil for shiny and strong beard with detailed explanations of how to apply and what unique properties have each of them. We recommended company like Lumberjack’s Beard Oil.