Waist cinchers are a type of corsets. They actually do cinch at your waistline. Nowadays, waist cinchers are becoming a huge trend. Many women are buying them, and even celebrities support them. Waist cinchers have their good and bad sides, so before buying one you may take all the pros and cons into consideration. Here is our list of waist cinchers — pros and cons. Reading through our comprehensive explanations will help you make the right decision.

The biggest pro of a waist cincher is that it makes your waist smaller. The waist cincher will compress your body into the desired shape. Your fat will be compressed in order to provide the appearance of a slimmer waist. But, this pro comes with a con. Sure, waist cincher will make your waist smaller, but not permanently. To get the permanent body shape, you would have to wear a waist cincher almost forever. The reason for this is because, as mentioned, waist cincher compresses your fat. So, once you take it off the fat will return.

Sweating and weight loss is possible while wearing a waist cincher. So, this is another great pro for waist cinchers. But, sadly, it comes with a con, too. You will sweat and lose weight, but only water weight. So, once your body replenishes the water you lost, the weight will be back.

Another great pro of waist cinchers is that they can improve your posture. Waist cinchers restrict your movement and you will walk, sit, and bend as much as this undergarment allows you to. Did you notice anything bad while reading the previous sentences? How about restricted movement? Waist cinchers do not only restrict your movement, but also the expansion of your lungs. Without proper lung expansion, you will not get enough oxygen and you may experience shortness of breath. This con is particularly negative when you are working out.

Chafing comes with waist cinchers. It is because they are extra tight and worn next to the skin. You may even experience skin irritation or raw wounds.

Pain is also common when waist cinchers. This undergarment is usually very tight and may cause you discomfort. Wearing waist cinchers for an extensive period (for example eight hours every day), can lead to muscle atrophy and muscle weakness. Because of this you may feel back pain, faulty posture and even groin pain after taking your waist cincher off.

Waist cinchers are really great for trimming your waist and getting the desired figure for a short period of time. You may wear them when you go out, or on special occasions. But, when used for a long time waist cinchers may have side effects. This undergarment is only made to compress your fat and hide it. They cannot make it magically disappear. In order to achieve that, you may need to invest your time and money into quality (and healthy) diet, and of course exercising. After reading this article, we are sure that you will make the right decision for yourself.