The term ‘vaping’ has only recently become popular, despite the fact that the technology — albeit in a less refined state — has been around for decades. It was invented by a Chinese pharmacist named Hin Lik who got the inspiration when his father died of lung cancer as a result of heavy smoking. This illustrates the fundamental attraction of vaping as an alternative to conventional smoking, one that is much safer. It is no longer a matter of dispute that cigarettes cause massive harm to the health of smokers and those around them. Every cigarette contains more than a hundred different chemical compositions, many of which have been indisputably proven to be carcinogenic. The most popular among them is tar, but it is just one of the very harmful components of a cigarette.

E-Cigarettes as a Safer Option

E-cigarettes are also used for smoking, but they eliminate one of the fundamental processes that makes smoking conventional cigarettes so dangerous — the burning. The burning of the tobacco is the actual process that releases a lot of the harmful components into the lungs of smokers. With e-cigarettes, the liquid is not burnt, but rather vaporised using an atomiser that is powered by a battery. This means that even though it is still sometimes referred to as smoking, using an e-cigarette does not involve any actual smoke.

Apart from the advantages that a vaper gets in terms of reduced health risks, using e-cigarettes also eliminates some other adverse effects of conventional cigarettes such as bad breath and bad smells that cling to the body and clothes of smokers. E-cigarettes completely eliminate the danger of fires starting as a result of misplaced cigarettes, and they also remove the need for ashtrays, which get full and become an eyesore in the places where they are located.

Components of an E-Cigarette

One of the most important components of an e-cigarette is the battery. The battery is the power source that fuels the atomiser, which subsequently vaporises the liquid so that it can be ‘smoked’ by the user. It is usually designed to be charged by USB connection. The e-liquid is also known as e-juice and it can be likened to the tobacco in conventional cigarettes. In this case, however, it is in liquid form and it does not contain any actual tobacco. It is usually produced using vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol in combination with flavour and nicotine. The cartridge of the e-cigarette is the container where the e-liquid is stored before it is passed into the atomiser for vaporisation during the smoking process.

Advantages of Vaping

In the USA, e-cigarette sellers are prevented from advertising their products saying that it can help people stop smoking, but one obvious advantage is that smoking e-cigarettes can aid in the progressive reduction and dependence on nicotine intake. E-liquid is sold with varying levels of nicotine content, from the very high to the low, and there are even some with no nicotine content at all. This makes it possible for people to vape in order to enjoy the multitude of flavours, without taking in any nicotine at all.