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Unhealthy food cravings during the course of pregnancy

Pregnancy is that time where whacky combinations and unhealthy pregnancy cravings storm the limelight. Once in a while it is ok to indulge in a little bit of overeating and if you eat healthy you do gain the right amount of weight. In this manner you do provide a developing baby the precise nutrients that they need.

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Fries and chips

During pregnancy, salt foods are common cravings. A few olives or a pickle would satisfy your salt cravings with too much of fat and high calories. A smarter preparation would be nice method to adopt as well. What it would mean is that you can opt for baked chips instead of the regular ones. Potato fries (sweet) especially when it is baked at your home is considered more of a nutritious choice.

Alcohol or soda

Well no guesses that it is a no brainer during pregnancy. Reducing your intake of soda is a nice idea especially when the caffeine and sugar intake is high. Some pregnant women are known to avoid it altogether. If you are too much used to your favourite beverage then for sure you are going to miss it.

What is to be done is that instead of soda you can opt for seltzer water. Virgin cocktail or tea would be a nice option if you are looking to sip something on the couch instead of tea.


Let us get straight to the point as pizza has a strong dose of fat and salt. But pizza works out to be a great choice as far as a healthy meal evolves. To control the portion size you can formulate your own pizza meal at home with portion size and incorporating nutrients in the correct manner. A sprinkle of cheese or mariana would not be a bad idea at all. Topping it with veggies coupled with lean protein works out to be the best nutrient punch.

Ice cream

For a would be mother ice cravings pregnancy is something hard to resist and most of them have occasional touch ups with it. Be it cold, creamy or sweet in the warmer months it is something you find it difficult to take your hands off.

If you are craving for something sweet and cold at the same time opt for fruit. A bowl of water melon would be the go through dish at this point. Some healthy experts also swear by frozen bananas. If you are lacking the creamy factor berries or a teaspoon of honey would be great. A healthy homemade soothe would be icing on the cake as far as creamy texture is concerned.

Do get in touch with your doctor if you are developing a craving something apart from food. If you are looking for timely relief from craving then do chew some gum till that point. The doctor can normally review your diet in finding out the list of missing nutrients from your diet. The necessary adjustments could be made so that the diet is modified and then adjusted.