Even the most simplest of surgeries like hernia repair or gallbladder removal can be the cause of most serious of complications, and therefore the need is to be in good surgical hands. However, choosing the surgeon and the hospital staff, can be equally important for operations even if they are simple or complex form of surgery. If one is in contact with surgeons like Mark S. Hochberg, there is no need to worry. To ensure being in good hands, you can follow these tips to find the best hospital and the surgeon for your specific treatment and surgery.

The best indicator of a good surgeon is his experience and with Dr. Mark Hochberg, you need not worry about the same. Over the years, he has performed good number of surgeries with successful results. Determining the experience and specialization gets important for operations that are relatively new in the history of medical science like bariatric surgery for removing excess fat and treating obesity. While there are multiple surgeons who perform these surgeries on a regular basis, not all are qualified for the process. This means that the best method to go about it is to go to the hospital and ask nurses about the doctor’s performance with patients and the number of procedures that he or she has performed during a quarter. This would give a fair idea on the surgeon and his capabilities.

Volume becomes extremely important for the unusually complicated surgeries. To cite an instance, a study revealed that patient undergoing surgery for pancreatic cancer found that annual death rates were higher for those who were treated by surgeons who has the fewest operations. Mark Hochberg MD is an exception mainly because he is not only experienced in performing complicated surgeries but he has the best track record in maintaining healthy and honest relationship with patients. This enables him to be truthful about the treatment and the success rate of the operations.

He also insists on the fact that quantity is not the measure for quality. A qualified doctor may not perform many such procedures and may get into the operation theater for few patients does not make him incapable. It is just that he believes in giving time to achieve his surgical excellence which would mean lesser surgeries and better results. Prescribing the right medication before and afterward and lesser surgeries performed certainly should not be the only parameter for measuring a surgeon’s capabilities.

If still in doubt, then go ahead and ask the surgeons before going under the knife. Dr. Mark Hochberg entertains all questions because he likes to maintain an honest relationship with his patients and their close ones. Therefore, he begins by explaining the importance of surgery to the treatment and its effectiveness and safe alternatives. This ensures that the patient can compare the risks associated with the surgery and can take the smart decision.

A good doctor would understand the skepticism of the patient and comply with him in solving all his doubts. Hence, Dr. Hochberg answers all questions related to his experience with the particular surgery and his success rate.