There are people who have short toes due to genetic disorder or infections caused in early stage. This disorder happens when the growing plate of metatarsal begins to close earlier and the result is said to be short toes. It can also happen in both the feet. It also happens when injury or some result of trauma happens. There are treatments to cure short toes. Some of the well known treatments are as follows

Conservative Treatments

There are many numbers of treatments for short toes are found. This is a method where the treatment is put in padding. This greatly protects the toe and wearing shoes with roomy toe boxes can protect the toes from rubbing. Using an arch for support, modifying activities, selecting a spot stretch shoes are some of the other treatments which can be followed. The specialist prescribes medicines to decrease pain and inflammation.

To avoid irritation in the toes, shoes with specific pads are to be chosen. A person can adopt this treatment in the beginning stage to control the severe reflections. The toe can be further lengthened by surgical measures concerning the specialist. Hence non-surgical measures are also considered to be the treatments for short toes

Surgical Treatments

Treatments for the short toes can be done through surgeries. Surgery can be done to lengthen the toes. There are several kinds of surgical treatments which help to lengthen the toes. The person should select the appropriate treatment to suit his condition. Among the different methods bone graft is one of the surgery made in short toes conditions. The next type of treatment is the toe is to be broken and an external device is to be placed on to it. After this practice, the patient is provided with a screw device and he should screw on the device. Screwing of the device must be done each and every day by the patient.

After the removal of the device the person takes two months to recover. Sliding bone-cut lengthening, bone-graft lengthening and fixate lengthening are other surgeries done in such condition. Complications may occur in conditions during the surgery time and the use of anesthesia will be the general risk for the patient. All the abnormal conditions like toe stiffness, shortness, weakness in toe may happen. Need for another surgery in certain occasions may occur.

Surgical Hardware

It is necessary in conditions such as short toes occurring in all the toes of the feet. Here bone-graft lengthening is permanently used. It is removed by the patient’s request. Toe lengthening rods are used to hold the bone steadily. At the end the hardware are removed permanently. There are also conditions like the hardware is fixed permanently into the toes for better benefit. Thus surgical hardware plays an important role as the treatments for short toes

The patient should have a clear knowledge about the surgical treatments and must be strong enough to overcome the surgery successfully. Among the different surgeries found the correct treatment to cure the short toe problem will be selected by the specialist. But before surgery non-surgical treatment must also be followed. Surgery is not risky but careful treatment is to be taken. Precautionary steps are to be taken by the person at the early stage of problem. Following all such conditions will be best treatments for short toes. Visit 866-866-feet to meet your Foot Doctor or a Local Podiatrist and get a free initial consultation.