As a patient when you are visiting a psychiatrist, you have apprehensions regarding the questions that the doctor might ask or the kind of medicines that might be prescribed to you. More often than not, these apprehensions keep the patients from seeking help especially when they need the most. The situation becomes worse if the society has some stigma against those suffering from mental illnesses. All this makes the job of psychiatrists really difficult and impossible. It is only in times like this that doctors like Jonathan Lauter are appreciated for they ensure that they treat the patient thoroughly and till their recovery.

If you would visit Jonathan Lauter’s office, you would be surprised to find that the office is quite similar to other doctors. The doctor begins by ensuring the patient of confidentiality unless the conversations shows something that might prove to be harmful for the patient or someone else. The first visit, as per the doctor, is always a consultation wherein both the patient and the doctor know each other. Dr. Jonathan Lauter would then prompt the patient to say what brought them there and after listening thoroughly, the doctor and the patient both agrees about the course of treatment that would be undertaken. Once this has been done, he proceeds to ask a series of question which would establish the patient history, his or her mental and physical conditions.

Being thorough is the forte of Jonathan Lauter MD and therefore whenever a patient would come to the clinic regarding a concern, he would ensure to rule all medical causes. Depression, anxiety and other thought disorders can also be triggered due to physical illnesses like thyroid, infections, medicine side effects, hormonal imbalances and other treatable conditions. He formulates a treatment plan for all patients who walk through the door of his clinic. If the patient comes with signs of depression, there are various options that could be used. He understands that all patients have their own unique problems, which means there is no set course of action or even guarantee that the first treatment plan or even the second treatment plan would assure of complete recovery.

Once the doctor has cleared of all medical reasons, he moves forward to rule out conditions like ADHD, anxiety, psychosis and addiction for these would also affect the medication that would be prescribed for the treatment. Before chalking out the treatment plan, the doctor ensures that a proper diagnosis has been done. Based on the patient’s severity of the depression, and whether normal functions can be performed, Dr. Jonathan Lauter formulates a treatment plan which would be the most effective in treating the patient.

If you are suffering from depression or know anybody who is in that state, it is important that they be taken to a psychiatrist as early as possible. This field of medicine is no sure science but it completely focuses on the diseases of the mind including depression. A single consultation is all that is needed to clarify the diagnosis and treatment options can be planned herewith. It is important that the patient is assured that he or she is not alone and that the feelings, emotions, and even struggles that are being felt are treatable and understood.