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Top Facts about Cell Phone Use and Cell Phone Radiation You Should Know About

More and more of us have cell phones, and they are ‘smarter’ than ever. Admittedly, cell phones present us with a lot of conveniences — we can make calls, send texts, check the Internet, play games, and even make purchases and find restaurants with our cell phones. There’s virtually nothing we can’t do with a cell phone in our hand. But there’s a sad fact about cell phones you should know about as well — they emit radiation, and the level of your exposure to radiation increases depending on how they are used. So, what should you know about cell phone use and cell phone radiation? Here are some top facts.

Cell phone use

According to a report, an ordinary individual will check their cell phone at least 150 times a day. Aside from this, your cell phone is probably in your pocket at least 10 hours a day. What this means is that you are constantly exposed to radiation from your cell phone, as cell phones are known to emit electromagnetic fields. And, the younger you are, the more dangerous this exposure can be, since your skull is thinner, allowing the radiation to penetrate deeper. In fact, in one study, it has been shown that people who begin using cell phones before they are 20 years old are five times more likely to develop glioma or brain cancer than those who use cell phones when they are already adults.

How to lower your risk and protect yourself

The good news is that there are several ways through which you can protect yourself from cell phone radiation. One way is to use your cell phone only when necessary and to turn it off if you don’t have to use it. If you can’t turn it off, you can at least put it in airplane mode so it doesn’t make wireless transmissions.

Another way to protect yourself from the radiation emitted by your cell phone is to avoid calling as much as you can. But if you really have to call, use headphones or put your phone on speaker. If you can’t do this, at least switch the cell phone from one ear to the other so the radiation is less concentrated.

Yet one more way to protect yourself is to avoid putting your cell phone on your bedside table, particularly when you sleep. It can still emit EMF even when it’s not being used, and the radiation can be especially harmful when the cell phone is near your head.

You can also benefit from cell phone radiation protection products such as shields and pendants from These products are natural and have been known to offer significant protection from harmful radiation. It’s worth taking these measures — it is your health, after all.