There are many different kinds of foot care professionals, from podiatrists, who diagnose, treat and help to prevent food diseases, to professionals who specialize in fitting foot appliances and footwear. However great your options are, when you’re looking for a foot care professional it’s wise to do a little research prior to making an appointment. To help you find the best podiatrist for you, here are our top considerations when choosing a foot care professional:

  1. Always take the reputation of the foot care professional into account. Both their reputation with their clients within the local community, and their reputation with other health-care professionals should be reflected upon.
  2. Find out more about their qualifications. Are they trained in biomechanics? Where did they obtain their qualifications from and how long have they been practicing? Do they participate in ongoing training to keep up-to-date with the latest procedures and research? A qualified podiatrist should be able to undertake a variety of tasks in addition to essential foot care, including wound management, nail surgery, physical therapy and vascular and neurological assessment.
  3. Find out more about their assessment procedures. Is their assessment thorough? Do they ask you questions about your previous medical history? Do they do physical observations and assess how your feet move?
  4. Do they use lots of complicated language, or computerized gadgets? If you don’t know what they are talking about, ask them to explain in layman’s terms. Whether you’re visiting the most professional physiotherapist Northwich has available, or an orthotics specialist in your local town, you need to feel comfortable and informed during your treatment.
  5. If you’re visiting a podiatrist for orthotics, find out whether they are specifically trained in fabricating orthotics and that they tailor their orthotics using materials based on your specific needs rather than using a ‘one size fits all’ approach.
  6. How comprehensive is their service? Do they offer follow-up appointments to ensure that their recommendations have worked?

Most of us tend to neglect our feet, but when you’re having problems, it pays to invest time in ensuring that you find the best foot care professional for you.