You can do a little bit for your body that will help you get healthier, from head to toe, by following a few tips. Getting healthy is important for everyone, and when one part of your system is out of whack it can mess up the rest of your system. You need to understand that your entire body works together to keep you moving and living.

From the skeletal system to the lymphatic system, and everything in between, it takes a lot to keep your body running smoothly. That is why your doctor recommends a healthy diet, exercise, and sometimes prescribes you medications. It all helps keep the system going.

Your Brain

Brain health comes with food and thought. You can help keep your brain smart and working by doing puzzles, like word finds and things like sudoku. It trains your brain and helps keep you thinking.

You also want to feed your brain actual food. Good fats, like those found in fish and avocados, can help with the prevention of brain illness, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. Think of them as foods that grease your brain and keep it running smoothly.

Your Mouth

The health of your mouth can affect the health of the rest of your body, and even be a determining factor of health issues. If you have gum disease, it can get to your heart and cause heart disease. If you have cavities they can affect your unborn child, if you are pregnant.

It’s important to visit a dentist on a regular basis to keep ahead on dental issues. X-rays can help you find cavities and deal with them quickly. It also helps to eat crunchy foods that help clean your teeth, like apples and carrots.

Your Heart

The same foods you eat for brain health can help your heart health as well. Plus, you need to get a good amount of cardio fitness, even jogging or brisk walking, in order to help keep the blood pumping.

Watch your blood pressure, which can be a quick sign of heart attack or stroke on the way. Regular checkups can help you find issues with your heart faster, before you end up in heart surgery.

Your Muscles

Eat your protein, in order to help build and strengthen your muscles. It’s an important part of your diet. You also need to get some fitness, including strength training. Not only does it help your muscles, but it will help your waistline as well, which is also good for your heart and mortality rate.

Your Feet

Your feet get you around, so keep them happy and healthy. Soak them when they hurt, put them up when they are swelled (which could be a sign of too much salt in your diet), and get them a massage when they need it. Sore feet can lead to sore legs, and even a sore back.

As you see, your whole body is connected, so take care of all of it.