You may not normally think much about foot health unless you’ve been having problems with your feet. However, your feet are part of what gets you from place to place, so you may be underestimating the importance of foot health. Healthy feet can help you have more success and keep you from suffering from foot pain.

But how do you take care of something that you spend most of your time standing on? Obviously you can’t just sit all the time, and sitting has been found to be bad for your health anyway. Here are a few things you can do that will help with the health of your feet, and give them a little pampering too.

Pick The Right Shoes

Having the right shoes for what it is you are doing each day can be helpful. However, ladies that really want to be fashionable don’t need to pass on wearing their heels, since you can work out your foot to help reduce foot pain.

However, while it’s OK to wear heels, you don’t want to wear them if you’re standing the majority of your day or you plan to be doing a ton of walking. Pick the right shoes for these things, including shoes with the right amount of support.

Get Walking/Running

If you spend more time on your foot you’ll develop strong feet and legs, and you’ll have less pain when you are stuck standing for long periods of time. You don’t have to simply take a walk everyday, you could go hiking, which allows you to change your routine up some.

If running is too much for you, try jogging once in awhile. For food safety, though, make sure you wear the proper shoes, like walking shoes for walking and hiking boots for hiking.

Soak Your Feet/Get a Massage

If you want to pamper your feet, and keep them happy and healthy, give them some special attention every once in awhile. That could mean a nice foot bath. Add some peppermint in and your feet will be invigorated.

Foot baths are great for tired feet and for people that spend a lot of time standing, and so are foot massages. Consider getting a regular foot massage if you work in an industry that has you on your feet most of the time. Your feet will thank you for it.

Keep Them Looking Nice

Foot health also includes keeping calluses filed down, avoiding things like athlete’s foot with clean socks and medications, keeping your feet smelling pleasant, and avoiding things like ingrown toenails. Regular bathing and maybe a pedicure once in awhile can do wonders for your feet.

For ladies that love nice looking feet, you might even want to get your toenails painted, especial when it’s sandal weather outside!