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Tips To Avoid Suffering A Fall

Spring may be just around the corner but winter is still in full swing and that means snow and ice packing our sidewalks and driveways makes for prime conditions for us or our loved ones to take a nasty fall. At best, taking a nasty spill on the ice can be embarrassing, at worst, falls can result in broken bones and land you a trip to the hospital. With several weeks of winter still to come, here a few tips to avoid taking a nasty fall.

Wear Appropriate Footwear

One of the biggest preventative measures that we can all take to prevent falling during icy conditions is to wear appropriate footwear. You want to make sure that your shoes have proper traction for winter conditions when you are walking to your car during winter. One way to check the traction on your shoes is toslide your hand on the bottom of your shoes. There are also some easy ways to make shoes less slippery as well. Another good option is to invest in grips to put around any shoe that are specifically designed to not slide on the ice. Wearing the right shoes will greatly improve your chances of staying safe while walking on ice.

Be Aware Of The Weather/Environment

Something that can also greatly improve your chances of staying fall-free this winter is to do a simple check of the weather before you leave for work. If the temperature is below freezing then you know that ice awaits you. Also if you know that your driveway is covered in ice make sure to hold on to anything that will support you and prevent falls. There is always a significant increase in slips and falls during icy conditions so being aware of when the weather is icy is crucial to preventing a fall.

Be Prepared And Cautious

It is always good to be prepared and cautious when it comes to winter falls. When walking out to your car in the morning or in the parking lot to get to work make sure that your phone is on you in case you do fall you can call for help. For those adults that live alone, or for elderly individuals who may fall often and find it difficult to get back up to get to a phone, investing in a home medical alert system may be a good option. Walk slowly over the ice and be as cautious as you can.

Winter falls can never be 100 percent prevented, but you can do a fairly good job at preventing them as long as you take certain measures. Choose appropriate winter shoes, be aware of icy conditions and be as cautious as you can when you know that ice is present to avoid a nasty spill that may result with you in the hospital.