If things in life have you stressed out, there are many effective ways to help deal with the anxiety and nervous feelings you might be having. One technique is the use of self-hypnosis. When you hypnotize yourself, you can fight off negative feelings associated with depression, loss, stress or general anxiety.

Cure Yourself Naturally

Studies have found that when you self-hypnotize yourself, you can actually cure a myriad of issues including sleep disorders, weight loss, substance addiction, traumas that you experienced as a child, and managing chronic pain. You will find that when you shift your consciousness away from the problems and issues that are troubling you, you will have an instant feeling of calm. Hypnosis is one way to do this anytime you are feeling under pressure. Additionally, it is a much healthier way to deal with stress than taking prescription drugs or self-medicating in order to escape or alter your reality.

Shift Your Consciousness

When you embark on hypnotizing yourself, there are a few things you need to know before you begin. First off, you will need to have some free time on your hands to do this exercise. For best results, it should be somewhere that is quiet and you feel comfortable. You will also want to be sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes. For best results, you should allow no less than thirty minutes. Before beginning, you should establish your goals for the session. Do you want to quit smoking? Do you want to eat less and be more active? Formulate your strong desire to achieve whatever your goal might be in a positive statement. Reaffirm your goal, close your eyes and put all of the negative thoughts you might be having out of your mind entirely. Slow your breathing and be mindful every time you inhale and exhale. Release all the tension out of your body while you continue to breathe slowly and deliberately. Slowly start counting backward from thirty back to one. By the time you are at one, you should be feeling light, almost weightless. This is the time that you have fallen into a hypnotized state. While you are in this state, continue to affirm the positive statements that you established at the beginning of the session. At this point in the process, avoid any negative thoughts and continue to dwell on the positive affirmations. You might also choose to let your mind go silent for a few moments. When you are ready to exit your hypnotic state, start counting again. This time count forward from one to thirty. When you reach thirty, you awaken from your hypnotic state. Once you have shifted out of this self-hypnotic state, you will find yourself feeling more vibrant, confident and refreshed. By this time, all of the negative thoughts and self-doubt will have left you so you can go on to have a more positive experience, no matter what may happen to you throughout the course of the day.