Most marketers, celebrities and even some yoga gurus have popularized yoga as an exercise to lose weight. But, there’s more to Yoga and it is not just a work-out for losing weight. Let’s have a look at the host of other health benefits that come along with practicing yoga regularly.

  1. Eases digestion: The twists and turns of yogic postures massage your internal organs and make the food move, resulting in quicker and smoother digestion. It is especially beneficial for people who work in rotating shifts as disturbed sleep cycle results in common stomach disorders such as constipation, flatulence, acidity etc. A good digestive system means higher energy levels and a rejuvenated feeling throughout the say. In yoga, we always twist right first, then left, to follow the path of the digestive system.”
  1. Lesser Stress, More Mental Clarity: According to one of the studies published in Journal of Physical Activity and Health, “Hatha yoga practiced for 20 minutes or more improves brain function more effectively as compared to jogging or running on the treadmill for the same amount of time.” While you are doing yoga, your body, mind and breathe form a synergy to bring in relaxation and clarity of mind. Breathing consciously and developing a control over breathing in a span of time helps you focus better, because our thoughts are governed by our breathing pattern to a great extent.

  1. Enhances Immunity: If practiced on long-term basis, yoga has been found effective in boosting immunity at the cellular level as it brings changes in expression of genes. Various breathing techniques help in strengthening your immune system, thus protecting you against many diseases such as common cold, water-borne diseases, adverse effects of pollution etc. among others.
  1. Leads to Steamier Sex Life: Yoga helps you make more confident and aware about your body. So, you are less likely to be hesitant or conscious about your body during a love-making session with your beloved. Additionally, it brings down the levels of anxiety and stress, so that you concentrate on the present moment and enjoy it better. Coming to physical level, release of some ‘feel-good’ hormones leads to arousal in men and strengthening of pelvic floor muscles in women; thus giving great results when it comes to acts between the sheets.
  1. Makes your body more flexible: Yoga as a discipline is an amalgamation of thousands of different poses, each focusing on some part of the body or other. People who opt for regular yoga training not only have more flexible bodies, but also well-strengthened strengthen bones and muscles along with improved blood circulation.

Though yoga is safe to be practiced by anyone and at any age, it is advisable for beginners to opt for training for better results. There are some reputed yoga training centers and yoga training courses in India, which one can opt for. If you are living abroad, there is no dearth of options in that case as well. Many countries have yoga training schools with fairly good credentials.

Though, one important step is to check the authenticity of the yoga training school and the experience of the yoga-teachers. This is essential to keep fake yoga trainers at bay and secure your health as well as hard-earned money.