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What exactly is “The Mother” in Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is used by people for its medicinal properties to maintain good health since a very long time. “The mother” in ACV is the colony of bacteria that is responsible for the conversion of alcohol in the cider into acetic acid. ACV with the mother is unfiltered, unpasteurized, and unrefined vinegar which is completely natural form of the vinegar.

ACV with the mother is healthier than the filtered and heated version of the vinegar because it has properties that are beneficial to human health which upon heating or refined may get lost. ACV has been used in the field of alternative medicine for a long time and is said to have positive effects on blood sugar and blood pressure balance. Certain medications which have concentrated acetic acid have been researched upon its ability to dissolve cholesterol deposits in the arteries of human heart.

Bragg’s raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar is unfiltered vinegar, which contains the mother of vinegar. It can be ingested in small amounts for most of its positive properties that can benefit you if used regularly. It is important to use vinegar brands like Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar since they contain the mother of ACV and is trusted widely for its quality. Filtered and pasteurized vinegar can be used for cleaning whereas unrefined vinegar with the mother is the best for culinary use. Many vinegar brands tend to original vinegar as a concentrate with other ingredients but this product is unfiltered so you trust it, there is no concentrate the original unfiltered vinegar give the whole benefit of vinegar.

History of the mother of vinegar

The earliest history records that involved vinegar is dated back to 5000 BC when the Babylonians used the dates from the palm tree to make wine and vinegar. When the cider of certain fruits, spices or herbs that contain alcohol is left open, the bacteria in the atmosphere mixes with it resulting in chemical reactions that converts the alcohol into acetic acid. This gives the cider a strong sour taste.

One among the most popular methods of vinegar making, known as the Orleans method which was first used by some French vintners involves extensive use of “the mother”. The use of this method was recorded in 1394, when vinegar was made in big oak barrels.

Once the vinegar is made, most of it was siphoned off through an outlet by the bottom of the barrel leaving around 15% of the top portion still in the barrel. This top portion contained the mother of vinegar which had active bacteria that converted alcohol in the cider to acetic acid. The next batch of cider was then added to this barrel slowly for further vinegar making.

Benefits of vinegar with “the mother”

The unrefined vinegar that looks murky is the vinegar that contains “the mother.” The mother culture is a complex structure that is said to contain many beneficial acids and is ideal for culinary purpose. On the contrary, the distilled version will be better for cleaning purpose since it doesn’t leave any residue.

ACV with the mother is said to have medicinal properties that lowers blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity. Studies have also shown that it has an impact on the body cholesterol and helps to keep the heart at good health. ACV with the mother also helps you to get rid of heartburn when mixed with warm water and consumed. Apart from these particular health benefits, ACV with the mother will help improve your immune system on an over-all basis.

ACV with the mother can also help you take care of your hair and skin. You can rinse your hair with ACV after your regular hair wash to bring back the smoothness and luster. Also, it can be used on the skin to get relief from sunburns, rashes and itchiness from mosquito bites. You need to dilute the ACV at 50:50 with water before application on skin.