Uses of tea tree oil in treating acne and other problems

Tea tree oil used for acne treatment is extracted from the plant called melaleuca alternifolia. The extract of this plant looks pale yellow to almost colorless. This essential oil is used in treating various health problems. Among them acne treatment is the most well known uses. Acne looks like a bump on the skin. It is formed when the dust and dirt particles mingle with the sebum or natural skin oil and clog up the tiny pores of skin. The acne can be treated using the tea tree essential oil. This oil has the following useful properties such as anti bacterial, antiseptic, anti viral and anti fungal. These properties makes this oil the best treatment to treat acne and skin issues. People can apply this oil over the pimples to reduce the bumpiness as well as avoid dark spots on the skin. People can find tea tree oil acne blemish stick available in online stores. This has been used by many women and men to maintain their facial skin free from acne.

How to apply tea tree essential oil over skin

People can take half a cup of fresh water and add three or four drops of this essential oil into it. Mix these liquid well to make the solution. Then use a cotton pad to apply this solution on a particular area or entire face. Leave this treatment undisturbed for about 20 minutes. Once it gets dried apply moisturizer over the face. This means people do not have to wash the pack off from the face. People have to make sure they have cleaned the face and pat the skin dry before applying the oil mixture. New users may feel little stinging sensation. They do not worry about this because it is normal. People who have sensitive skin need to increase the percentage of water. They can continue this treatment two times a day in order to see great results quickly. People can find this essential oil available at online stores for affordable prices. They have to be careful while choosing the product because there are fake products fill the market.

Apply tea tree oil using blemish stick

Sometimes applying this oil using fingers may infect the acne further because the bacteria and dirt in the fingers may get contacted with the acne. Sometimes people cannot feel comfort in using the fingers because they do not want to touch the oil. Such people can use tea tree oil acne blemish stick to treat acne in an effective way. This product can let them apply the oil exactly on the acne. This means users can obtain maximum results. Instead of looking for tea tree oil people can look for tea tree oil blemish stick. They can buy it online for lowest prices and get benefited from it. Even though this essential oil is effective it takes some time to show pure results depending on the skin structure and type of users. So, users must not be disheartened if they do not see quick results in few weeks.