There is a strong relationship between tea and good times that has continued since ages. Tea connoisseurs will tell you that there’s nothing better than a good cup of tea — whether it is an occasion for solemn thought or an occasion for merry get-togethers. Not surprisingly then, tea is the most popular beverage across the world.

The idea of tea has evolved a lot since the time a Chinese emperor accidentally discovered its taste when some leaves fell into a pot of boiling water. Tea, in its present form, is not just the dark-brownish drink prepared from black tea or the honey-colored beverage prepared from green tea. Now we have teas made from fruit and flower infusions, among others, that are not only distinct in taste but also pack in medicinal properties.

Don’t understand what we are talking about? Here are some infusions by Te-a-me that will explain it better.

flavors of tea

Apple Cinnamon infusion: The combination of apple and cinnamon results in enhancing the beneficial properties of both. While cinnamon is effective in reducing blood-sugar levels, cholesterol and triglycerides in type-2 diabetes patients (according to a study conducted by NWFP, Agricultural University of Pakistan), apple gives a boost in metabolizing cholesterol by adding manganese.

Apple is a rich source of water-soluble Vitamin B6 that is essential for keeping the immune system healthy and for ensuring healthy levels of oxygen required by bodily functions. Cinnamon helps B6 to work better by providing anti-oxidant support, as per a study by the University of Arizona.

Cranberry Apple infusion: The Discovery Health Journal lists this tea as one of the best to drink if aiming for weight loss. Cranberries are some of the healthiest things to have. A rich source of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C, they help in protecting the skin from aging and prevent severe conditions like heart failure and cancer. Cranberries are also helpful in urinary tract infections.

You will find the taste of cranberry apple infusions unlike other teas. The berry and fruit come together to form unique flavor that you will have to taste to know. For those who like discovering new tastes, this one certainly offers some promise.

Chamomile infusion: Insomnia, menstrual cramps, anxiety, cold, upset stomachs, skin troubles — chamomile tea helps in all these and more. The fragrant infusion made from this daisy-like herb soothes the body and nourishes the skin.

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