Depression is not a condition which can be taken lightly. Yet, this is the most common mental illness which so many people suffer from. Sadly so many people suffer from this disorder, but, only a handful ones consider getting help. The general notion about depression is that — therapy is important only when the depression gets serious. However, it is not easy to determine when the depression is getting serious. Only someone who has experience in treating people with this disorder will be able to help you understand the problem. Knowing when to get help solves half the problem. You might think that you can deal with alone. But, everyone needs a guiding hand as Dr. Curtis Cripe puts it.

The best way to fight and win over depression is to identify the signs at an early stage. It can minimize the pain and help you recover quickly. For this reason, you need to keep a watchful eye on your behavior pattern. Feeling blue or feeling down is normal, everyone goes through it. However, when blue becomes the only state of mind you need help.

Signs that You are Depressed

Lack of energy is the first sign which you must notice. People who suffer from depression feel unending fatigue. They are always tired. They fail to find the energy to do anything. The feeling of tiredness is usually accompanied by a sense of blue which weighs people down. It has been seen that men are more prone to fatigue than women.

Weight change is another sign which Dr. Curtis Cripe puts emphasis on. For some it leads to weight loss to the extent of anorexia. However, for some the wright change comes in weight gain. They gain weight and keep gaining weight. You must keep a close watch on your weight change if you feel you are suffering from depression. In case the weight change becomes extreme, you must opt for help.

People with depression cannot sleep. Lack of sleep might be a sign of depression. However, you cannot call a couple of days’ lost sleep depression. What is important is the fact that you think about the other signs which are associating this sleep disturbance. Another important fact to evaluate is — how well you used to sleep before the condition has developed. In some cases, the patients sleep too much. If you are sleeping for eight hours a day and yet you feel sleepy, you might need help.

People with depression suffer from concentration problem. They fail to focus on anything. As a result they fail to perform small tasks. This creates problem in the professional life.

In case, the world around you appears dull and colorless, you might be experience a bout of depression. With treatment the vision and perception will change. Talking to a doctor is important is the world looks lifeless and colorless.

Treatment is available for depression. However, it is important to determine which one will work for you. Dr. Curtis Cripe makes it a point to highlight the fact that only through counselling it can be determined what treatment will cure depression.