There are some people who suffer from colon and rectum health conditions however most find it hard to believe that if left untreated the condition may transform into cancer. It is the need of the day to take note and consult a trusted, skilled and experienced colon rectum surgeon right away!

Many people suffer from a condition that is called colorectum cancer. This starts in the colon and later spreads to the rectum. In Maryland, there is a compassionate surgeon who specializes in the said field and spreading awareness among residents so that they can prevent the condition before it is too late. This caring surgeon is Lisa Marie Cannon and she is a respected and trusted colon rectum surgeon in the region here. She treats several people when it comes to colon rectum cancer and other associated health complications. She also takes the onus of spreading awareness about the condition so that you can take the necessary precautions as well.

Colorectal cancer is a condition that begins in the rectum or colon. Both the colon and the rectum are parts of the large intestine in the human body- this is the lower part of the digestive system. When you intake food, it travels from the stomach into the small intestine and later into the colon. The task of the colon is to absorb nutrients and water from the food and the waste matter left is eliminated from the human body as stool. This stool moves from the colon to the rectum before it leaves the human body.

Lisa Marie Cannon states that most of the colorectal cancers in the human body are “adenocarcinomas” in nature. This means that the cancer starts in the cells that create and release mucus and other fluids in the body). She states that colorectal cancer starts as a growth in the body known as polyp. This often forms the inside wall of the colon or the rectum. There are some polyps that often become cancerous with time and they should be immediately removed from the body. It is important for you to find and remove the polyps to avert colon rectum cancer. In the USA, you will find that colorectum cancer is the third most common cancer in the nation for men and women. Lisa Marie Cannon states that death from colorectal cancer has reduced with colonoscopies and fecal blood tests where surgeons check for blood in stool.

Lisa Marie Cannon is a caring surgeon and she says that prevention is always better than a cure. With the aid of a good doctor, you can address the woes of colon rectum cancer with success. When you visit her for the first time, you will find that she is very welcoming and friendly. Unlike other doctors she will listen to you with patience and ensure you receive a personalized treatment plan without issues. She is accessible to all her patients round the clock and is known for her excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Even her peers and subordinates respect her too!