Most of us are born with good skin and hair, but the sad part is, most of us destroy them overtime, without putting any effort to take care of them. In past recent years, I came across many people desperate for solutions to get better skin. Now, I would love to help, but nature doesn’t bloom overnight.

Even the smallest seed needs to be planted, nurtured and cared before it can show its magnificence. Though, we live in a world of instant options, but some things cannot be played around. As eCommerce market keeps on adding new products every now and then, it is difficult to find the perfect health and beauty products online. But here, I am going to share some new and improved tactics to get a flawless skin and shiny-silky hair.

For Dull, Oily or Combination skin: Massage your skin with iced yogurt along with some sugar. Take some orange halves and scrub them gently until granules melt and wash the skin with iced water then see the difference yourself.

For Dull, Dry and Tired Skin: Massage your skin with papaya and make a scrub with the mixture of oats and honey with a bit cold milk and scrub it on your skin. Wash it with iced cold milk and pat dry.

For Frizzy Hair: Make a simple and easy spray with slices of two lemon and slimmer it in two cups of water until it reduces its half amount. Pour this liquid into a bottle and spray on your hair. By doing this, not only there will be a wonderful natural sheen but static and fly away hair will be gone.

For a Smooth Back: Planning for low back blouse or backless dress for your next event, and don’t have enough time to go for a back scrub? Here’s the quick home remedy. Take half cup of olive oil and 1 cup of sea salt and mix them. Add 5 drops of sandalwood oil and mix all of them. Store it in a jar and scrub the body area where you want to flaunt. After scrubbing, wipe it off with a wet towel.

For Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles: Take some used tea bags and store them in freezer. Crush half a cucumber and massage it around the eye area and lie down with tea bags on your eyes for minimum 10 minutes. You will see the instant difference of improvement.

For Instant Face Lift: Rub an ice cube with teaspoon of honey on your face. Beat the egg until it peaks and scrub it on your face and let it dry. You will feel little bit of stretch in the skin. Wash your face with icy cold water.

For Tired Eyes: Long hours at work then grocery shopping to making dinner for your family, all of these can be tiring. But, I would suggest the following wonderful eye wash to refresh yourself. Take a bowl of iced spring water and few drops of rose water, mix 2-3 drops of honey in it and immerse one eye in the bowl. Throw away the liquid and do the same for second eye. After this, splash cold mineral water in the eyes. There may a little rednees around eyes, but it will go away and you’ll feel fully refreshed.

For Dandruff Hair: It is one of common hair problems. Mix two parts of brown sugar and one part of hair conditioner and scrub it lightly on your scalp. After that, wash the hair with cold water.

Conclusion: I hope these tips will help you get a clear smooth skin and maintaining your hair as well. Also, remember it’s important to hydrate your body from the inside out, so ensure that you drink lots of water throughout the day and eat plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables for providing important nutrients in your body.