Vertical jumps are powerful movements in any game and it can only be achieved with proper training and techniques. Power training is the best way possible to get prepared for vertical jumping in a game. Power training basically is applying your entire force with highest speed possible.

Strength is very important for a vertical jump training program like Vert Shock review. It is very effective in gaining the required strength. Today, in this article we will be discussing about the speed factor in the power training program for vertical jumps.

The first goal in a power based exercise is to perform all the movements at a very high speed. And the second goal is to focus maximum effort on each repetition. Basically there are two major types of power based exercises – one which involves only body weight resistance and second which involves more than body weight resistance.

Power resistance training can be categorized into three major heads –

  1. Weightlifting exercises which requires low to moderate percentage of maximum 1 repetition. (Performed explosively).
  2. Weight throws
  3. Resisted jumping techniques.

The first two heads of power resistance training is used for vertical jumps by adding technique and application. Weight training which involves power movements requires training in both upper and lower body. Each exercise in this category must have an explosive component for lower body.

The best movement for explosive lower body movement is jump squat. The jump squat is to be performed in the same way as the back squat. The only difference lies in the explosiveness and speed of the exercise. The movement should basically be like a vertical jump only by dropping more quickly and approach the top of the squat by leaping with the bar.

The other power based exercises involve pulling the dumbbell, barbell or a kettlebell in explosive and high speed moves. These exercises are basically known for working on the posterior muscles complexes which are involved in the vertical jump. Gluteus muscles groups, the hamstrings and the calves’ muscles are majorly affected with these exercises.

It is very important to do the right type of exercise to achieve the best vertical jump for your game.