Red meat continuously seems to get a bad rap, but is it really that bad of a food to eat? Red meat has nutrients that are good for you and it is a rich source of protein, which gives you energy. Yes, there are other protein sources, and maybe even some that are better, but that doesn’t mean that you need to cut all of the red meat out of your diet.

Red meat has been blamed for many illnesses and health issues. It is believed to cause red blood cells to harden, blamed for type 2 diabetes and it causes poor farm animals to be abused and treated badly. The worst thing that comes of the consumption of red meat is the pink slime they use in hamburger. If you want to solve having some strange gunk added to your burger, grind your own! Problem solved.

So, now onto the good things about this meat with such a bad rap that you just might be afraid to eat a steak.

Why eat your red meat?

For one thing, red meat is rich in vitamin B12. While it isn’t the only source of this vitamin it’s an easy one to get. You don’t need to eat a ton of meat each day to get the benefits it offer. A three ounce serving of red meat each day is a great start and keeps you right on track at not gaining weight from it!

B vitamins keep your brain and heart healthy, but they aren’t the only vitamin in your red meat. It’s also a good source of vitamin D, although not as good as 15 minutes in the sunshine each day is. Plus, it’s rich in iron which is great for your blood and arteries.

Shopping for red meat

When you want to pick the ideal cut of meat there are a few things you want to look for. First of all, if you know a trusted company, like Glatt Organics, that offers kosher meats that are organic, you always know you are getting something that is good for you. Shop for organic red meat and you also help ensure there’s no pink slime. If you don’t know what pink slime is take a moment to look it up, although you may regret it.

Picking a good cut of meat, you don’t want to skimp on fat, which can help give meat its flavor, but you want fat marbled in the cut not on it.

Don’t overcook your red meat. Some studies have been done leading to the believe that charcoaled meat (as in burnt to a crisp) can contain cancer causing carcinogens. Sometimes a little pink in the middle is better and makes for a more tender meal.

So, have a burger or a steak and enjoy it because you’re making your heart happy!