Hostel life is a life which we always dream of when we are at our parents’ home because it seems much fascinating when we hear it from our elder siblings and cousins. Indian children are always brought up with some or the other restrictions. Though parents today have become quite cool, still children want to enjoy their lives as they wish to do.

Considering the fact that hostel life is the most enjoyable part of our life, it is also a period when most of us lack our health. And that is the most bothering concern of our parents. We have to take care of our things and eating habits by our own. It usually happens that most of us depend on junk food and other unhealthy restaurants which are nearby to our place because generally we don’t like the food our mess provides us. I know it’s pretty boring which don’t satisfy your taste buds. We generally rush to the pizza stores like Domino’s and other, applying Domino’s coupons as they offer cheap pizzas on applying coupons. But that’s okay only if it is not practiced regularly.

To resolve this problem of how to stay healthy at hostel we have blogged this topic which will surely help you out.

Let’s Discuss:

Taking Care of Personal Hygiene:

Personal Hygiene includes washing your clothes regularly, maintaining them and keeping other belongings in a decent manner. Keep your surroundings clean. Make sure that the floor, table, chair, bed and other things are regularly dusted. If you are living in a cold place or cannot rise early to take a morning shower, try taking it at any hour of the day. But keep sure that you take a shower at least once a day, it removes the odor, kills the skin bacteria and cools your head. Wash your towels within 3-4 days. Try to maintain privacy with your towels, soap bars, razors and combs as they do pass bacteria and virus very soon. Get your ears cleaned regularly and that can be done in any of your little free time, but that’s important!

Eating and Drinking Healthy

This is the most important concern because what we eat matters a lot in our work performance. If you are eating healthy regularly your immune system does not deteriorate and thus you give your best. Besides the fact that hostel food is not that scrumptious and our taste buds also crave for something lip- smacking you have to control your emotions regarding your eating habits. Keep a check on the environment where the food is cooked and you can always complaint to the authority if the kitchen area is not hygienic because that’s what you are paying for.

If the food is cooked in a clean atmosphere with clean hands you will remain healthy. Now comes the question when you want to eat something delicious or party with your friends. You have a very good option for that. As the technology has advanced staying healthy is no more difficult with the various websites like, they provide you the exciting foodpanda coupons and deals through which you order healthy, inexpensive and delicious food anytime at anywhere. So don’t go for low quality restaurants now and go for the branded chains like above.

Maintain Healthy Habits

Don’t just wake up and rush to the classrooms. Try waking up a little earlier so that you can at least for half an hour which is very important. A bit of yoga or stretching regularly will keep your body in shape. Try hydrating yourself with lemon water at least twice a day other than with normal water because lemon is rich in antioxidants. Limit your munching habit and restrict yourself to normal food than to snacks like chips, unhealthy biscuits and other unhealthy bakery stuff.

So only this much and you are on your way to be healthy!