Healthy Resipes

Stay Healthy By Avoiding Needless Foods

Have you ever given a thought on the foods that you eat every day? Are you even aware if you eat the right type of food or not? Most people do not pay attention to the quality and type of food they normally eat and this has resulted in so many unwanted dietary problems. The foods that you see every day may seem to be very attractive and delicious, but most of them are harmful in disguise. In fact, they are considered to be the root cause to the various problems that you may be facing. Here is a look at some of the foods that you should never eat.

Soft/Cold Drinks

These may be tastiest drinks that you ever had, but it tops the list of the 5 foods to never eat. The next time you think about having a Coke, think twice. Although most of the companies are now labeling their products as “Original”, but there is enough doubt about the truth of the labels. A single bottle of such drink has the ability to increase the daily sugar intake to almost double. This will ultimately lead to excessive sugar consumptions and hence diabetes.

Fried/Oily food

It is so nice to munch down a plate full of French fries along with some ketchup. Eat it on a daily basis and you may well be the fattest person in your neighborhood by next year. Those who want to have a healthy body free from diseases should stop eating deep fried or oily food at once. It can be the chicken from KFC or the nuggets from McDonalds or local French fries, but these types of foods should be avoided as much as possible. They help in increasing the fat in your body. Additionally, your body’s resistance will start going down and there can be lots of problems resulting from this.

Salad dressings with cream-base

Wherever there is cream, there is fat. These two go hand in hand with each other and doctors will strictly tell you to avoid cream based products. But, then again, you have heard that salad dressings can be good for your diet. This is true to a great extent, provided you stay away from the cream based salad dressings.

White bread

This may come as a surprise because no one actually told you that white bread can be harmful for the body. Truth be told, white bread contains lots and lots of sugar and does not have even 1% of nutritional value. If you notice carefully, the day you have sandwich with white bread for breakfast, you tend to be hungry more often than not. White bread will never satisfy your hunger. On the contrary, it will increase your cravings for more food.


Most people think that it is the best alternative to butter. In reality, margarine contains too much of trans fat that will eventually increase the cholesterol content in your body. You can visit any website that has details about margarine and click on “find more info here” to see what the consequences of consuming margarine are.