Getting ready for work in the morning used to be quick and easy: you could sleep in until half an hour before you needed to be at the office, throw on your clothes, grab a cup of coffee and a muffin on your way out the door, and be on your way. However, now it’s an insufferable, painful chore; one you dread the second your alarm goes off every morning. You move slower because your hip is stiff and painful. You have to wake up an hour earlier, simply because it takes half an hour just to get dressed. You have to stop and take breaks because the pain in your hip is unbearable. By the time you need to eat breakfast, you usually decide to skip it, because you don’t want to make coffee — to do so, you have to stand at your kitchen counter longer than is comfortable. When you do finally make it out the door, you groan as your realize you have to get in and out of your car while dealing with the insistent pain in your hip that refuses to be ignored.

Of course, you’ve searched the internet for solutions to your problem, and your general practitioner made some suggestions, too. Every night you place a hot pad on the spot that hurts, hoping to relax the muscles. While the warmth feels nice, it doesn’t work. You’ve also tried a cold pad in an effort to reduce inflammation and numb the pain, but all that resulted in was you shivering. You’ve also tried over the counter pain medication, dieting to lose weight so you reduce pressure on the joint, low-impact exercises such as water walking, and even have a walker you use to support your hip! However, all of these attempts have led you to form one simple conclusion: they’re temporary. All they do is treat the symptom (pain) instead of treating the real issue beneath your skin.

A Solution for You

Make a list of all of the ways your hip pain is impacting your life, along with every solution you’ve tried to solve your issues, and show them to your general practitioner. What he or she will probably say is that hip surgery, also known as arthroplasty, is the best solution for you. It’s meant to restore your mobility, your quality of life, and reduce pain, while correcting any deformities caused by your painful hip injury. Instead of dreading and worrying about every once-simple task you took for granted in the past, you’ll be able to relax, free of pain and able to buy your groceries on your own. You won’t need assistance any longer; you’ll be healthy and independent.

Depending on your body and the nature of your hip injury that’s causing you so much pain, you may receive one or all of a stem, ball, and inner socket in your hip instead of the existing joint. The replacement will be made using a rear or front approach, including minimally invasive incisions. While most people balk at surgery because of the pain they expect at the time, it’s important to consider your current situation against your possibly more favourable one. Without surgery, your pain and joint injury and weakness will only continue to get worse. As your quality of life degrades, your mobility will be limited. You will come to depend on friends and family members to take care of you on a regular basis, decreasing your independence. You may need help simply buying a few groceries or feeding and dressing yourself. This places a heavy, long-time burden on their shoulders. You’ll be stuck sitting on your couch watching vibrant life, experiences, and opportunities pass you by, unable to participate in and enjoy them.

A Solution for Your Family

In contradistinction, taking the risk to get surgery will be vastly beneficial for you. You’ll regain your mobility and independence, allowing you to take control of your life and to take care of yourself. While you will have to spend approximately three months depending on friends and family to care for you while you’re recovering, this is only temporary. Without improving your quality of life and receiving the restorative surgery, your dependence upon their help will be permanent. What’s more is that your pain is guaranteed to either stay the same or get worse too, especially if you’ve already tried any and all other treatment methods and none of them have worked.

A Solution for Life

Instead, after three months, your pain will be gone. Studies have shown that almost all replacements are successful in Australia. Most surgery patients have actually said that their pain is gone once they’ve spent three months recovering, and they’ve gone back to normal! You won’t be stuck spending your days in the hospital while you recover, either. After only five days, you’ll be able to relax and become rejuvenated in your very own home, the place where you’re always the most comfortable. It’s easy to see, then, why the benefits outweigh the possible drawbacks of having surgery. A surgery could help you participate in your life with as much enthusiasm as you ever had before! Don’t choose to be a spectator. Surgery is your ticket to freedom from the frailty and failures of your own body.

Find a surgeon that will deliver exactly what you want — no pain. He or she will be an expert who will walk you every step of the way! Any questions you might have about the steps of the process will be answered quickly and clearly. You’ll no longer have to spend hours lying awake at night, too busy worrying to fall asleep and in too much pain to relax. Restore your routine and regain ease, fixing the damage done to your hips. Take control of your life and give yourself the most effective, permanent solution. After all you’ve been through with this unfortunate experience, don’t you think you deserve it?