If you are located in one of the five boroughs of NYC, namely Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Bronx and Manhattan, then you might have seen or heard about private ambulances. For many years, private ambulance services have been providing an important and necessary service to the people of New York (NYC). NYC depends on the private ambulance services in dire emergencies as they provide much needed assistance to underappreciated medical teams.

The mission/vision of private ambulance services

The mission of private ambulance services is to provide the residents of the five boroughs of NYC the highest level of medical care possible. The aim is to provide care and proper medical facilities as patients are moved from one place to another within these five boroughs. Private ambulance service staff are committed to providing prompt, reliable service to their customers. They are also composed of caring and compassionate people who put the welfare of their patients first and foremost. Delivering the best patient care is paramount to the organization and everybody lives up to their company’s mission and vision.

Private ambulance services and what they do

Everyone can easily recognize ambulances as they come screeching through the roads and streets, with their sirens wailing, lights flashing as the traffic makes way for this grim symbol of emergency. Most best-known ambulance services are operated by Emergency Medical Services (E. M. S.) which are prompt to respond to phone calls for emergencies.

Private ambulances have no single phone number to call. However, they transport the patients from their home or from anywhere to the hospitals, and from one hospital to another. They also bring patients to and from nursing homes or special-care centers during their intercity trips. From the hospitals, they may also bring the patients back to their home.

Private ambulances deliver the patients to the hospital of their choice. Hospitals will accept walk-in patients from both public and private ambulances. Most ambulance services companies employ at least one trained technician for emergency purposes and certain medical equipment on board their ambulances. However, most of the time there are additional medical staff and volunteers that assist the trained staff.

What to expect when calling

Once a patient or someone dials the phone for emergency ambulance services, the medically trained operator evaluates the call and relays the message to the dispatcher who calls the available ambulance immediately. Depending on the situation, a vehicle with an emergency medical technicals or a “basic life support” ambulance or a vehicle with paramedics on board for “advanced life support” ambulance will respond. At this point, the E. M. S. attends to the patient and transport him or her to the nearest designated hospital.

Private ambulances have the necessary medical staff and personnel as well as the required medical equipment on board whenever they are out the street trying to save the lives of people in need of their services. Richmond County ambulance services is among those ambulance services company that are continuously serving the five boroughs of NYC and trying their best to give high-quality service to the people.