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How Much Shakeology in a Scoop

Since the arrival of Shakeology in the market as a meal replacement product, it has been attracting positive reviews from the beneficiaries. It is a rich powdery diet available in the form of shakes.

It helps the body stay healthy. It also supports blood sugar level and improves energy levels when it is consumed. For consumers residing in the USA and Canada, this product can be purchased directly from its manufacturer, Beachbody.

You can buy Shakeology from the manufacturer’s website; Outside the United States and Canada, it can only be purchased through the internet. Shakeology comes in different flavors to boost energy, reduce weight and improve body performance. Shakeology packs come in a variety of flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Greenberry, Chocolate Vegan and Tropical Strawberry Vegan. It is advised to use Shakeology as a standalone supplement.

Shakeology comes in a pack with a scoop inside the powder-like content. The scoop is mostly buried in the powder and as per the information written on the bag, one scoop contains 48 grams of the powder. Each bag of Shakeology contains 30 scoops.

When a bag seems to be less than 30 scoops, it is recommended that the container should be shaken to let loose of the compressed powder. The powder should be effectively scooped and if in case there are excesses, the bag should be shaken so that the portion can fill every scoop. Selling the product with a scoop in it is an attempt by the manufacturers to control the quantity taken by the consumers. This will prevent overfeeding and underfeeding, hence lead to maximum satisfaction.

What to do if there is a missing scoop?

Lately, there have been some cases of missing scoop in a bag of Shakeology and according to the manufacturer, ‘replacement scoops are not available for individual sale.’ This compels the consumers to use other means, like the use of cups and tablespoons to measure the quantity in order to consume. However, users need to be watchful so that they do not consume too much or too less of it.

In case of the small scoops, one scoop of chocolate Shakeology is 1/3 cup, which is about 5.5 tablespoons to give you 48gram per serving. For the strawberry Shakeology, it is about 4.75 tablespoons. The Greenberry has a 40gram serving size which is about 4.25 tablespoons while 4.5 tablespoons should be taken for the vanilla Shakeology. Also, five teaspoons should be okay for the Tropical Strawberry Shakeology, 5.5 teaspoons for the chocolate vegan Shakeology and 5.2 teaspoons for the café latte.

Shakeology is indeed a good meal replacement. However, one shake is recommended per day and it is not advised to replace two meals per day for some consecutive days. For anyone who wants to stay active, have the energy to perform daily tasks, maintain healthy weight and experience improvement in digestion, Shakeology is the real deal. It is worth the every penny spent on it.