Whether you are caring for an aging parent or are considering your own options as you age, it can be difficult to stay updated on the latest services available for those of advancing years. Not only do you have to maintain an awareness of service offerings in your own area, you need to monitor products and services available on a national or international scale. A growing number of companies are innovating within the elder care space and are developing tools specifically aimed at helping loved ones care for aging parents. Check out the following roundup of elder care products and services to see if any of the offerings would be helpful for your family members.

Services for Seniors


Lively helps families monitor the health of their loved ones through the use of activity trackers. Lively trackers can be placed on items like key chains and fridge doors. Data is sent from the activity trackers to an information hub. Family members are able to monitor activity patterns to make sure that loved ones are taking medication, eating regularly, and maintaining healthy sleep patterns.


Stitch offers companionship services for seniors. Whether you are looking for a travel companion, a senior to date, or just a friend to occasionally enjoy meals with, Stitch can connect you with pre-screened candidates in your area.


Truelink helps protect seniors from fraud. Via a pre-arranged debit card, family members are able to track parental spending and receive updates regarding suspect spending patterns.


Carelinx connects families with senior caregivers in their area. Users are able to find pre-screened caregivers for their parents, a disabled relative, or even for a loved one recovering from surgery. Caregiver placements can be for Jackson NJ senior rehab for long or short term needs as well. Health care workers can also find employment via the Carelinx matching system.


Gerijoy helps families monitor the cognitive capabilities of aging parents via virtual pets. Seniors are able to interact with a virtual reality pet and perform a series of ongoing tasks to maintain the proper care of their critter. Family members are able to monitor the data from their loved one’s Gerijoy interactions in an effort to notice changes in cognitive patterns.

These are just five of numerous services developed specifically for seniors by entrepreneurs within the elder care space. Technology and innovation is definitely not just for the young. An increasing number of startup companies are realizing the market size of the elder care sector and are developing products and services specifically for older adults and their loved ones. Do you think you will be discussing any of these resources with your parent(s)?