It is just logical that with age comes many complications in one’s overall health condition. Health issues that arise during the senior years can be blamed to the natural aging process, numerous years of neglect, or previous years of poverty. There are many important and pressing issues that senior citizens must face and health problems are among those.

There are different types of health issues that are identified with aging. All around the world, people aged 60 years and older suffer from several health problems that may inflict them. Here are the most common of those.

Obesity And Other Health Issues Involving Diet And Nutrition

Obesity or excess body weight is very common among the elderly especially those who do not carefully watch their food intake. Senior citizens have the tendency to indulge in sumptuous meals. The setback is that since most of them are retirees, they may lack physical activities to burn calories. Obesity can increase the risk of developing more serious health conditions like heart diseases, hypertension, stroke, respiratory problems, colon cancer, and sleep apnea.

Uncontrolled Cholesterol Level

It is a logical health problem related to unhealthy diet and nutrition among the elderly. As mentioned, improper diet along with lack of physical exercise can be bad for the health. Bad cholesterol level can quickly increase in the system and cause more serious health conditions like heart attacks, strokes, and possible paralysis.


Not many people are aware that arthritis has a direct link with improper diet. This painful health condition is caused by accumulation of high level of uric acid in the bloodstream. There are specific types of food that can increase the level of uric acid in the system. In general, legumes, beans, and nuts are not advisable along with fatty and oil-rich foods.

Viral Diseases In Elderly People

The immune system can also lose strength and resilience as people get older and their nutrition becomes less ideal. This is why virus-caused infections and sicknesses can be quite common among senior citizens. Influenza and pneumonia have always been among the top causes of serious health conditions and even death among the elderly. Because these health problems are viral, they can be easily communicated and spread.

The level of HIV and AIDS among the aging population is also alarming. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), around 11% to 15% of individuals aged 50 years old and above in the US have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS. This rising trend of rising number of infected individuals among the aging population has started in late 1990s.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Lastly, Alzheimer’s Disease, which is often considered as a common form of dementia, can be associated with specific types of virus. The exact cause of the condition is still to be known but there are hypotheses linking the disease to certain viruses. This condition can also be blamed on heredity. There have been studies that point out the value of healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition to prevent or prolong the onset of this health issue.

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