Globally, the number of people moving towards a hundred per cent plant based diet has been on the rise due to the multiple health benefits it offers, along with an overall increased sense of well being. Contrary to common perception, there is no protein or calcium deficiency in the diet plans of these followers. Since a lot of celebrities, athletes and political figures have adopted the plant based diet with great success, there is no reason for it not to work for the common people.

Animal foods are generally more acidic than plant based foods and leave one feeling tired and sluggish in comparison. Animal foods are processed extremely, sometimes even more that the processed plant food choices, to be made palatable to our taste buds.

A plant based diet is a healthier eating lifestyle, and is also very economical, specifically if people opt to eat seasonal and local produce. It is not easy to make the switch from a regular diet to a plant based diet all of a sudden, so make gradual changes in your eating habits to move towards a plant powered life that offers multiple health benefits, some of which are enumerated below :-

  • Lowering of Blood Pressure

The main components of a plant based diet are whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts, along with all fruits and vegetables that contain potassium and vitamin B6 in high amounts, both of which are helpful in lowering blood pressure, which automatically leads to less stress and anxiety.

  • Lowering of Cholesterol Levels

The biggest advantage of a plant based diet is that plants contain zero cholesterol, even the so-called fat rich sources such as cacao and coconut. This leads to lowering of cholesterol levels in the body, which in turn reduces the chances of getting affected by any heart diseases.

  • Balance of Blood Sugar Levels

The control of blood sugar levels in the body is important to beat diabetes and hypoglycaemia at the basic levels. Plant based foods are rich in fibre, and their consumption slows down the rate at which blood sugars are absorbed in the blood stream, thus resulting in balanced cortisol levels for less stress. This also prevents the body from being constantly hungry and thus demanding food every few hours.

  • Weight Loss through Plant based diet

A Plant based diet is low in fats and processed sugars, and helps one lose weight through the consumption of whole foods. Although cooked food helps to absorb nutrients in the body better, raw, clean, whole foods will definitely work towards the weight loss process for the body.

Plant based diets also reduce risks of cancer, especially colon and breast cancer, and induce a better sleep pattern in individuals by lowering constipation rates and inflammation.

Check out our resources on whole plant based nutrition and benefits of following a vegetarian lifestyle in Australia on our website, and get expert tips and recommendations from our esteemed panel of doctors for nutrition in Australia. If you have tried the plant based diet, what is the most important health benefit that you have received?