Do you want a simple substance that will help you lose weight, clear up your skin, and give you more energy all at the same time? What if I told you this miracle drug has no side effects and is available right now… Straight from your kitchen sink?

That’s right, it’s water! We often take water for granted, but the truth is it’s completely essential for life. Without water, the human race probably wouldn’t even exist!

In a busy lifestyle, it’s easy to forget to drink enough water. Here are five reasons you should start hydrating today.

Glowing Skin

When you are dehydrated, it naturally leads to dry skin, which can make your face look rough and unhealthy. Drinking more water helps prevent acne and in some cases has been reported to make you look younger. Water keeps your skin supple, helping to stave off wrinkles, and improves blood flow and circulation, which combats pimples and dry patches.

Extra Energy

If you’re exercising, it’s essential to stay hydrated. Being dehydrated while you exercise can lead to dizziness and lethargy. Conversely, if you drink plenty of water while working out, you’ll be rewarded with improved strength and endurance.

Wake Up Right

Although conventional wisdom dictates that you should have a cup of coffee in the morning to wake up, caffeine dehydrates you and also leads to a nasty crash later in the day. Drinking an ice-cold glass of water will help you to wake up the natural way, with no crash in sight. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay energetic and focused!

Lose Weight

Drinking a big glass of water before a meal will fill your stomach, meaning that you will eat smaller portions. It also helps to flush toxins out of your system and keep your digestion regular, meaning that you are taking in less and putting out more. Water is the healthiest drink out there — even sports drinks that are advertised as being “ultra-hydrating” are full of salt and sugar. Don’t be fooled — water is the most hydrating substance there is!

Improve Your Mood

When you are dehydrated, it comes through in your mood. Dehydration leads to irritability and confusion, meaning drinking the proper amount of water can actually help your mental function! If you find yourself in a mood where you are short tempered, dizzy, or can’t quite focus, try having a glass of water. It could do a lot of good.

Water, Water Everywhere

Drinking more water is easy. There are a number of websites that can give you recommendations on how to make it a part of your routine. Icliniq recommends drinking one liter of water per 1000 kcals you expend in a day. If you find that number and divide it by the number of hours you usually spend awake, you can easily figure out how much water you should be drinking per hour.

Water is all around us, but many people still don’t drink as much as they should per day! Give it a try — the worst that could happen is a few extra trips to the bathroom, and the results might surprise you.