Smiling is a great thing to do. It makes you happier and it makes the people around you happier. Your smile is important to the world, and if there is any reason you don’t like to smile it’s important to do something to change that.

Missing or failing teeth, cavities, crooked teeth, and even dental stains can make it difficult for some people to find a reason to smile. Even if your life is happy you may find it difficult to show it through a smile because you may be embarrassed by your teeth. There is help, and when you know all the things your smile can do for you you’ll be glad you got that help.

The Health of your Teeth Matters

Crooked teeth or even an overbite can make it hard to smile. You may not be happy with the way your teeth look, but orthodontics can fix your bite and take away the pain and embarrassment. Crooked teeth make it hard to floss and can lead to cavities as well.

Dental cavities can have a negative effect on your health, from the possibilities of infections to having a link to heart disease. That is why it is important to visit a dentist regularly and keep your teeth in tip top shape.

Smiles Are Contagious

Once you are able to smile again you will notice that your smile makes other people smile and feel good about them as well. Smiles are contagious and they can lift the mood of a whole room. Even smiling at a stranger can cheer them up and maybe even change their whole outlook that day.

Even when you are having a bad day it pays to fake a smile until it turns into a real one, and it will. Your own fake smile can be contagious to you even! Most people can tell a fake smile, but yours will quickly become real if you just let it.

Smiling Exudes Confidence

Your smile, once you are happy to sport a true smile, shows you are happy and confident. Smiles exude confidence, and having a genuine smile could win you a job, a promotion, or even a date. Your smile will win people over, so why not make sure you have one you’re happy to show off!

Plus, the simple act of smiling to can help fight illnesses, including depression. By being happy and positive, with your smile, you can turn a negative situation around. Smile is really that powerful!

A healthy smile simply shows that you are a healthy and happy person. Do what you can to keep your smile real and healthy by making regular dental appointments, brushing and flossing regularly, and smiling every single chance you get!