Health Insurance

Reasons For The Health Insurance In Hungary

Individuals who has been lawfully resident in Hungary for six months automatically becomes a partner of the Icelandic social insurance system, for the health insurance in hungary anyhow of nationality. This implement unless intergovernmental settlements say otherwise. Children and teenagers under the age of 18 are taken for health insurance with their parents.

How to obtain benefits:

The health insurance in hungary involves following:

  • Hospital care
  • Clinics for mothers (especially)
  • Treatment abroad
  • general medical aid outside the hospital
  • all essential investigation and treatment are carried out by experts and institutions with whom the Icelandic Health Insurance are in touch
  • Medicine facility
  • X-ray investigations and radiation
  • Per day cash sickness advantages
  • Midwife assistance in cases of birth at home
  • Dental and surgical treatment for children, public over 66 years, and retired ones
  • Transport price and travel price
  • Nursing facility in the patient’s home
  • Help apparatus

General medical assistance outside a hospital: The insured person pays a minimum payment for the services of a general professional or an expert outside of the hospital, while the remaining payment is covered by the insurance. The fee is decided in a law issued by the ministry of health. This appeals to most of the services. Old age retired persons, invalidity pensioners and children with disorder pay a lower fee.

Discount cards: Discount Cards are accessible to persons for the health insurance in hungary who have, during one calendar year, pay a specified amount for doctor and health care services. When an individual person has a card the payment for health services are lesser.

Hospitalization: Insured individual person are qualify to free hospitalization, including parentage clinics. Hospitalization is ensured for as long as essentials, along with medical services, essential for medicines and other hospital facilities.

Maternity care: Women with health treatment insurance in Hungary are entitled to free maternity services. Hospitalization is assure for as long as necessary, along with the medical care facilities, required medicines and other hospital facilities.

Medicine: Medicine is obtained at chemist. A medical recommendation must be given. Prices of medicine which the insured must of important necessity use regularly are treat in full. With respect to other necessary chemist costs the insured paid the specified fee. The charges for each recommendation that the assured is required to pay is specified in a law issued by the Minister.

Dental and orthodontic treatment: General dental and surgical treatment for persons between 18 and 66 years of age is not included by the insurance. Although, in case of inborn defects, accidents or illness of an invalidity retired person there is a partial repayment of the costs. Dental treatment is provided to children and adolescents under the age of 18 is partially repaid by the insurance. There is also a partial repayment of surgical services for persons under age 21. Dental treatment is partially return the payment for people over 66 years and old age or invalidity retired ones. The payment of dental costs is also repayable in accordance with a standard rate schedule issued by the law in the ministry of health for health insurance in hungary.