If you have children, it’s always a good idea to have their teeth assessed and checked as early as possible. If misaligned teeth are detected, you might want to think about orthodontic treatment. This might raise old fears about metal braces, ugly smiles and schoolyard teasing, but the truth is that orthodontic technology has improved dramatically in the past few decades, and better alternatives now exist.

Fixing Your Teeth and Smiling at the Same Time

If you’ve ever had braces fitted, you probably remember the old style metal braces that made smiles look distinctly robotic! If you have a child who now needs braces, you’ll be pleased to learn that orthodontic technology now offers invisible braces. These braces are custom fitted and attached to the back of the teeth, so that they are not visible from the front. If this sounds too good to be true, you’ll be ecstatic about the other benefits they offer.

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, the freedom to smile without showing metal braces is essential to a sense of confidence. Braces that are effectively invisible provide you the freedom to smile without having to worry about your appearance. This is great for teenagers who are trying to adjust to their social environment and hate the idea of having to hide their smiles. It’s also great news for adults needing braces who can’t afford to change their appearance too drastically for work or personal reasons. You can still make a good first impression at that job interview!

These braces are also custom designed and fitted to suit the wearer. This makes them far more comfortable to wear than the old metal braces, meaning that you’re not always wincing in pain. Since some of these types of braces are fitted to a removable plate, you can also take them out and give your teeth and the device a good clean and brush. This means no more bits of food getting stuck in braces and wires. It also means fewer trips to the dentist for gingivitis and other dental hygiene issues. In the long term, this actually cuts down the future risk of other general health problems related to dental disease.

Old metal braces could leave pale stains on the teeth after removal due to food staining the exposed parts of the teeth whilst the braces were attached. These new braces avoid this type of staining, because they can be easily removed so that the teeth can be cleaned.

Being able to remove the braces has an added benefit: you can eat whatever you like without fear of food getting stuck in the braces! Just remove, eat, brush your teeth, and then place the braces back in.

A Great New Smile the Easy Way

Once upon a time we were restricted to metal braces and wires to fix our smiles, but with advances in orthodontics braces have been developed that ensure better dental health, more self-confidence, and increased comfort. Misaligned teeth can be a problem at any age, but these new braces offer a great alternative to those looking to fix their smiles.