The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy also popularly known as HBOT is a form of medical treatment. It has proved to enhance the natural healing process of a body. This is possible as the person is in a chamber that pushes 100% oxygen. The atmospheric pressure of the chamber is increased and controlled as per the requirement or health condition of the person. Now-a-days underpressurehbot is used for dealing with a variety of ailments. In fact, this form of treatment is often prescribed to be a part of a person’s health care plan.

How does the hyperbaric oxygen tank in Mississauga works?

There two kinds of chambers:

  1. Monoplace Chambers which are designed to offer 100% oxygen to one person at a time.
  2. Multiplace Chambers are designed in a way that multiple people can get the therapy at a given point of time. In such chambers, the oxygen is delivered with the help of a hood or a mask.

Why is the therapy of hyperbaric oxygen tank in Mississauga necessary?

If you look at the body in normal situations, the task of transporting the oxygen is undertaken by the red blood cells. With the help of the hyperbaric oxygen tank, the oxygen is dissolved in the plasma, the body and central nervous system fluids. It helps the oxygen to be supplied to the lymph and even bone. This way, if there is any damaged or blocked area in the body, the therapy can help them heal. The technique is not only simple but non-invasive. Hence, many people prefer over such painless therapies over other painful procedures.

How does the hyperbaric oxygen tank in Mississauga works?

The extra and dissolved oxygen in the body is able to travel to the damaged tissues. It supports the body to work on its healing process in a steady and faster manner. Additionally, the rise in oxygen improves the ability of white blood cells and strengthens them to attack the bacteria. If you have been dealing with swelling then you will notice a change in your condition as it helps in growing the new blood vessels around the damaged areas.

Which wounds heal with the treatment from the hyperbaric oxygen chamber?

There are many people who assume the hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments to be magical. However, they are purely scientific and work under specific circumstances. The wounds on which such treatment works are:

Arterial Insufficiency Ulcers:

A vast majority of people affected with this condition have benefitted from the treatment. Even the most complicated cases where the wounds with maximum revascularization fail to heal have been dealt with ease.

Diabetic Wounds:

The oxygen chambers promote wound healing by increased wound oxygen tension. This treatment promotes the defense mechanism of the body against the host of bacteria. In technical terms, it directly targets the anaerobic microorganism to help the wound heal faster.

Pressure Ulcers:

In this case, only a few people can benefit from the therapy. The physician is to decide whether you are suitable for the treatment.

Venous Stasis Ulcers:

Only the selected patients can apply for the oxygen therapy, who can then go for the skin grafting.