When you are going about your daily life, you may not think too much about how your everyday activities and actions can affect your knees. That is, you do not think much about it until you experience knee pain. Rather than wait until your knees start aching and hurting, get to know some of the ways that you can easily and effectively protect yourself from knee pain. Then, you can avoid problems with mobility as well as remain pain free and able to continue to go about your daily life as usual here in New Jersey.

Wear Proper Fitting and Supportive Shoes

One of the best ways that you can protect yourself from knee pain is to wear shoes that fit properly and that are supportive. Your leg is a complex system in your body and if any part of it is forced off balance or to compensate for something that does not fit right, then the whole system will suffer.

If you have shoes that are too big or loose, for example, the muscles in your foot will constantly be working to try to grip the shoe and prevent slippage. This will affect the way your foot impacts the ground and can put undue pressure on your knees.

Get shoes that fit your foot properly by having a shoe fitting at a store. They will measure your foot and find a style and size that best suits you. Having shoes that are sufficiently supportive is also important. You want shoes that provide cushioning to your foot, particularly the ball and heel of your foot (where the most impact occurs when walking), as well as arch support to hold your foot in the proper position.

Know Your Limits and Don’t Overdo It

Listening to your body and understanding your physical limits is another important step that you will need to take when you are looking to prevent knee pain. If you rarely workout and then try to use a stair climber or elliptical machine for an hour, you are more than likely going to experience knee pain because you overdid it and caused strain on your muscles and joints.

Pay attention to your body when you are exercising or even walking around town or your house. If you begin to experience a sensation of tightness in your knee akin to something being pulled as far or as tight as it can go, you are probably right on the cusp of experiencing serious knee pain. Keep your limits in mind, take frequent breaks when exercising or walking around and pay attention to the signals your body sends you. Then you will be better able to prevent knee pain before it starts.

With these simple tips in mind, you can better protect yourself from knee pain on a daily basis and be sure that you remain knee pain-free for as long as possible.