Going Through the Product Line of A Reputed Cosmetic Product Company

Jeunesse Global is a comparatively young network marketing company which aims to redefine youth with its innovative systems, breakthrough skin care products and health supplements. At its wheel are founders Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray who jump started the business enterprise in 2009. Less than five years shortly, the universal company has numerous operations across the world particularly in Europe and Asia with its headquarters based in Florida.

So far, Jeunesse has supposedly produced 15 millionaires and has over 400,000 distributors. Committed to make a community of Generation Young, Jeunesse alleges to deliver its promise of healthy lifestyle and youthful looks through the following key elements:

  • People
  • Product
  • Platform
  • Plan
  • About the Product

Jeunesse product line emphasizes a balance on nutrition and personal care. Each item is attentively developed using the best formulas, technology and innovation obtainable today. The Y.E.S. or Youth Enhancement System is one that has drawn a lot of individuals for its unparalleled benefits achieving youthful looks at the cellular point. The innovation segment is where consumers can find the company’s newest products that have been influenced by skin care technology and science. Some of these products include supplements that are considered to fight aging through cell regeneration and repair, stem cell cream, and antioxidant blends created distinctively to flush the skin cells of definite toxins.

Included in the Y.E.S. advanced skin care line are products such as:

  • Daily moisturizing complex
  • Cellular rejuvenation serum
  • Youth restoring cleanser
  • Advanced night repair
  • Essential body renewal
  • Financial Rewards Plan
  • Ultimate lifting masque

Touted as the most gratifying way to stay healthy and young, Jeunesse offers a podium to guide you climb the ladder of its monetary rewards plan. There are six methods that a Jeunesse distributor gets paid:

  • New customer acquisition
  • Retail profit
  • Team commission
  • Customer acquisition incentive
  • Leadership matching bonus
  • Leadership bonus pool

More Exhilarating Opportunities

More than just presenting financial rewards, Jeunesse sets itself apart with more stirring opportunities that achieve goals, change lifestyles, and renovate dreams. Distributors not only expand their wealth but also their geographical experience with incentive travel on the horizon. The Jeunesse website offers its consumers a way to become distributors of the company’s products. There are numerous drop-down menus on the site with segments that provide wide-ranging information for anyone hooked on becoming a distributor.

Jeunesse Global is an international skin care company that carries a number of cleansing and anti aging products for the skin, together with a number of nutritional products such as dietary and supplements aids. The company offers its consumers direct shopping on the site and through a number of sales associates that distribute the products in the vicinity. The company offers a number of products like peels, masks, eye creams and overnight serums that are designed to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Jeunesse asserts to use DNA science and cutting-edge stem cell in their product line with a focus on restoring damaged skin.