If you are reading this article, this simply means that you are searching for different ways to pass a drug test on short notice. In the present scenario it is also difficult to fake a test like, using some salt in your urine sample. Before the advancement of technology, it was possible up to some extent, but now any kind of alteration will be clearly visible. The best you can do is to prepare your body for the test, stop using any drug by the time you come to know about the test. In case you don’t have enough time to flush out the traces from your body, you are supposed to know about your rights.

Get Prepared for the Test

You have little time left in your hand that is why you are supposed to use it wisely and stop taking any kind of drug until you pass that test. It doesn’t matter what kind of product you are using, stop using them at once instead of relying on ineffective methods of how to pass a drug test. If this test is administered by your employer, most of the time they tell you about it in advance, but they will not tell you the exact date. You don’t know when to expect the test, that is why pay proper attention and prepare yourself for the test. They may test you because you are working on probation, they will test you as per the set schedule. Many times it is not possible to prepare for the test in advance. Suppose a police officer caught you for drug intoxication and in that case you have to do take the test then and there. Still there are things which you can do to turn the tide in your favor and this is also to give you a better chance. Read complete information about how to pass a drug test.

Find Out the Type of Test

Generally, there are four types of drug tests; urine test, saliva test, hair test and blood test.

  • Urine Test

This is a common test among the employers, this test is also known as the easiest test you can tamper with. When you are giving your sample you can tamper it, unless they are watching you.

  • Saliva Test

This test is less sensitive as compared to blood test and many times employers administer this test in spite of taking blood test or urine test.

  • Blood Test

They can also administer this test if they suspect drug intoxication. You cannot fake this test nor can you can pass this test if you have recently consumed any drug.

  • Hair Follicle Drug Test

This test is known as the most difficult test to fake. They examine up to 120 strands of hair in the laboratory to find out if there is any kind of drug traces. It takes around two weeks to conduct the test, but hair follicle drug test cannot determine the time period of the drug used. Traces of the drugs can stay in hair up to a period of 90 days approximately. In case you are a regular uses they can easily detect it.