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Performance Anxiety: How To Deal With It And What To Do

Performance anxiety is a term that refers to one’s ability to perform well when under pressure. Regarding sexual performance, it relates to having anxiety and worrying a lot about how their performance will be such that they experience sexual dysfunction and or fail to enjoy sex. In this article, we will explore sexual performance anxiety for men and on how they can overcome it through CBT. Improving men’s mental health and seeing what role medications can play is also explained here.

Sexual Performance in Men

Anxiety disorders can create nervous and negative thinking in men on their ability to rise for the occasion and deliver good sex. Anxiety to perform sexually in men comes about because of our society that puts a huge amount of pressure on men. This pressure includes the size of their sexual organs, how well he delivers in the bedroom, the requirement to make his partner orgasm, and many more.

When you add all these to inexperience, and challenges in finding sexual partners, men surprisingly find themselves developing performance anxiety when faced with a sexual situation.

Ways in Which Sexual Anxiety Manifests Itself

  1. 1. Impotence — Some men struggle to erect during sex. Anxiety is a major cause because it prevents your body from getting aroused and in turn, your sexual organ does not function properly.
  2. Premature ejaculation — Anxiety causes premature ejaculation in men. Some men are not able to enjoy sex thoroughly when they are faced with this condition. This condition causes personal and relationship distress and, in the process, lead to low confidence and anxiety disorder.
  3. 3. Inability to orgasm — Sexual completion can be a challenge when a man is faced with sexual anxiety. Such anxiety makes it impossible or hard for some men to reach climax.

Reducing Sexual Anxiety in Men

  1. Through CBT — CBT focuses on eradicating the pressure to perform in bed for men. It usually targets the erectile problems and premature ejaculation. It helps men to develop a way to relax their bodies during sex, develop positive thoughts that they can perform better and focus on how their body feels.
  2. Improving mental health care — The desire to have sex starts with the brain because the brain is a very sensitive sex organ. With mood disorders and depression, the brain circuits in charge of sexual excitation fail to function. Thus, a low sexual desire. Visiting a therapist to help you go through depression will lead to an improvement in your sexual life.
  3. Role of medication — There are specific treatments available to help with premature ejaculation, such as Priligy and EMLA cream. Some high blood pressure medication helps improve erectile dysfunction in men. Others such as Diuretics and Hydrochlorothiazide are known to cause erectile problems and should be avoided. Medical guidance is key to getting to select the best medicine to use if you have sexual anxiety. Viagra helps boost self-confidence in men but does not cure anxiety. Patients with high blood pressure should not take it.

Learning on how to control your daily anxiety will help you to have positive thoughts and increase your confidence. The result is a higher sexual drive with a stronger and fulfilling sexual performance.