When you purchase skin care products at the store do you take the time to read the ingredients? And, do you know what those ingredients are? Unless you are buying natural and organic skin care items you probably don’t.

From essential oils, to natural products, and even some things you already have in your kitchen, you can care for your skin without using products that contain strange or harmful ingredients. Here are some tips.

Use Items You Have In Your Kitchen

There are numerous items in your kitchen that you can use for facial care, and overall skin care. For older people with blotchy skin, are those that are starting to get liver spots, you can use lemon juice to help fade your skin and even it back out. Lemon juice is a great astringent, but it may dry your skin out a little so you’ll want to make sure you use something moisturizing afterward.

Things like oatmeal and honey are both excellent for moisturizing your skin. People actually use oatmeal on sensitive skin because it can help with itching and rashes, and other issues. Honey has healing properties. even things like different fruits and vegetables, and eggs, can all be used in skin care, you just need to look up some great recipes online.

Try Essential Oils

Every few years the popularity of essential oils comes back up, and more and more people start to buy them and use them again. There are plenty of great companies out there that sell natural essential oils that you can use on your skin and more, so why wouldn’t you be using them for skin care. It’s basically the same as using the food in your kitchen to care for your skin in a more natural way.

There are all sorts of recipes out there to use essential oils for skin care, each of them with a different mixture of things like lavender and ylang ylang, and other specific essential oils. If you just take some time to cruise some credible websites you can find recipes for dealing with itchy skin, dry skin, acne, and more.

Shop For Natural Or Organic Skincare Items

If you feel like creating your own skin care products at home sounds like too much work, you are still in luck. You can find pre-made essential oil products through different companies and in stores, and you can find other natural and/or organic skin care items at the store.

Simply search the subject online, natural skin care or organic skin care, and figure out which stores carry these types of items. You can probably then order them directly online from companies and spend a little less time driving around polluting the air.