Native Roots is opening two Gas and Grass stations in Colorado Springs this October, but residents are unsure if the idea will be beneficial or harmful.

A new type of gas station is coming to Colorado Springs this October. Known as “Gas and Grass,” Native Roots will be opening two new gas stations that allow customers to purchase medical marijuana inside.

The combination of a gas station and a medical marijuana dispensary is first for the city — and the state. But news of the Gas and Grass station openings has sparked debate in the community.

Is it a smart idea for gas stations to be selling medical marijuana? Many fear that these new gas stations will only encourage people to smoke marijuana and drive, which could potentially be dangerous.

The Native Roots stations will sell everything else that other gas stations sell, but medical marijuana will be available to patients with a card. While you won’t be able to purchase legal THC, medical marijuana patients can enjoy the convenience of being able to purchase their marijuana while making a quick stop for gas.

Some residents are happy with the idea, noting that it only extends on the convenience store idea. Now, customers can buy just about everything they need — including their medical marijuana — in one convenient place.

Others are not so keen on the idea.

Dave Cuesta, a spokesman for Native Roots, emphasizes the fact that customers won’t be smoking on site. There are numerous regulations and laws that prohibit customers from consuming marijuana on site.

The opening of these stations also raises another question. Will Native Roots gas stations be considered medical marijuana dispensaries? Will you find these Gas and Grass stations listed on and other sites that provide information about weed dispensaries? Only time will tell.

Proponents of these new gas stations say that Gas and Grass stations are no different than liquor stores — customers can easily buy liquor and drink it in their car if they choose to. Today, many gas stations across the country also sell liquor. How would Gas and Grass stations be any different? The responsibility ultimately lies on the customer to do the right and lawful thing.

Native Roots states that public safety is their top priority, and they do all that they can to educate customers on the dangers of smoking and driving. Whether residents are for or against the idea, the marijuana industry is moving forward in Colorado. Many companies are finding new and creative ways to get their products (or marijuana) into the hands of patients. It was only a matter of time before the Gas and Grass station concept came to light.

Both gas stations will open in October.