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Must-have Nutrition Contents for Female Athletes

Females need proper and better intake of nutrition than men. Moreover, considering the female athletes, they require high-calorie intake and consumption of good diet contents to ensure a healthy body. Being an athlete, your nourishment should be a priority. No matter you win or fail in the match, your hard work requires energy. Let us find out what are the major nutrients essential for female athletes:


Iron is the most important nutrient for females. It helps in the formation of haemoglobin. Thus, for women athletes, a massive intake of these minerals ensure creation of the necessary haemoglobin in the body. The haemoglobin is in charge for transporting the oxygen in the blood. Further, the myoglobin helps to transfer oxygen into the muscle cells. Both are highly essential for fuelling your exercise. While we run or perform exercises that involve pounding our feet, it causes loss of iron. That is why female athletes conduce to have a high deficiency of iron. The metabolism of the body entirely depends on the presence of iron. The athletes exceptionally have to intake iron as their body demands more energy metabolism compared to an average person. In order to give rich iron to the body, one should have whole grains, leafy vegetables, eggs, fish, red meat, and other fortified food. We tend to absorb more of iron through animal sources. However, absorption of iron can be improving if you eat vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C along.

Vitamin C

Everybody requires vitamins to stay healthy. However, when it comes to female athletes, the necessity of vitamin C in their body is huge. Let us find out why vitamins are so imperative to the body. The vitamins actually form the connective tissue and various hormones like the adrenaline produced during exercises. Further the nutrients help form abundant of red blood cells in the body. These further enhance the absorption of iron. The vitamin C ensures prolonged and high-intensity training to reduce muscle soreness and promote quick recovery. It is an antioxidant that helps us protect the body from exercise related cellular damage. Further, the vitamin C is abundant in the citrus fruits. A number of vegetables too contain the vitamin C content. Broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussel sprouts are high sources of vitamin C. Moreover, a red raw bell paper is known to have the highest amount of Vitamin C content. It is always advised for the female athletes to ensure intake of vitamin C in appropriate amounts.


The calcium is added highly required nutrient especially for a female body for a number of reasons. It gives the body essential minerals that help in bone formation, nerve transmission, muscle contraction, and muscle growth. When we happen to perform weight training or other weight-bearing exercises like running, we tend to increase the calcium absorption and increase bone mass. It is usually assumed that the dairy products have massive calcium contents, but it is interesting to know that there are many more sources of calcium. Eating spinach, sardines, collard greends, sesame seeds, turnip seeds, etc. hold a lot of calcium content. The female athletes who have low estragon levels are recommended to intake more calcium content comparatively to what you normally have.

Final word

Being an athlete, the diet and nutrition cannot be taken lightly. The way athletes take their sports seriously; the nutrition is a major factor that determines their success. Eating healthy food daily ensures daily powerful workouts ensuring you perform at your best potential. Go through the icon meal reviews to find out more about the athletes’ nutrition and get the best suggestions from the platform.