Drug addiction is one of the most common health problems faced by people these days. It is not only illegal drugs, but also the prescription drugs that have affected people of all age groups. There are various reasons why people start using drugs in the first place.

Some people, especially teenagers, start using drugs for fun, while others use it to cope up with their stressful personal or professional life. Either way, drug usage is always harmful and dangerous for your body and mind.

Drugs are made up of chemicals. Different drugs have different chemical compositions therefore they have different effects on a human body and mind. Some drugs have temporary effects while others have long term effects, which can continue even after the person has stopped using drugs.

It is very important to understand the dangerous effects of drug usage. Here are some of the most common and major effects of drug abuse. Some of them are mentioned below for your benefit:-

  • Injuries –

According to the statistics one of 4 people die because of drug abuse. Today more illness, deaths and disabilities occur due to drug abuse when compared to any medical health problem. People who are abusing drug are at high risk of accidents, injuries, medical problems, domestic violence and even death. People who are drug addicts are offered reliable help at any reputed Houston recovery center for drug treatment.

  • Health problems –

One of the most dangerous effects of drug abuse is the health problems associated with it. Drugs can affect almost every organ of the body including the brain. Drug abuse can lead to:-

  1. Weak immune system which can increase the chances of getting any type of infection.
  2. Can cause cardiovascular problems including abnormal heart rates and heart attacks. Drugs which are injected can cause serious health issues like infection in the blood vessels, collapsed veins and heart valves.
  3. Result in abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.
  4. Liver damage or liver failure as the liver starts working harder after drug abuse.
  5. Brain damage, stroke, seizers. Impact in all aspects of daily life routine causing problems with memory, decision making, attention which leads to confusion and permanent brain damage.
  • Brain –
  1. Initially the user takes the drugs voluntarily, but according to the research it is proved that the drug affects the brain and its decision making capacity which leads the user to make wrong decisions leading to seeking, craving and using drugs again.
  2. Basically the drug use affects the amount and quantity of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine levels increases with the usage of drugs, which results in a “high” or euphoria for drug users.
  • Behavioral –

One of the major changes observed in drug users is the behavioral changes. Excessive drug use can lead to aggressiveness, paranoia, addictions, hallucinations, impulsiveness, impaired judgment and loss of self control.

The behavioral changes are not only harmful for the user but it also affects the people around the user. Many families suffer from major changes because of the behavioral changes of the user.